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My theory on how Faith actually dies in FC5

Content of the article: "My theory on how Faith actually dies in FC5"

Hopefully you guys are still interested in FC5 stuff now that FC6 is coming soon (this will be long so bear with me, or jump to ** to get the gist of it)

I'm sure many of you like me, wondered how the hell did we kill Faith in FC5? she turns into this fireball throwing wizard and sends imaginary dogs and angels at us, and we shoot her, but this is all a hallucination so how did she die from this? (you'll still have to suspend your disbelief here but imo this makes the most sense)

Well my theory is this: we see she's able to use bliss to have specific control over her victims (not just make them allies), as seen by how she makes the Marshall open the prison's gate and then literally kill himself, so we can assume that this drug somehow gives her mental ability to control people through some sort of direct mental connection (and her mental abilities are quite strong to handle this, as the game tells us she's a master manipulator)

Since the deputy gets infected by the bliss too, she initially tries using her powers to persuade him to join the cult (presumably at Joseph's request, since he made it clear several times that's what he initially wanted to do with the deputy) but her control wasn't full at that point, so she can't control him to not attack her property or men

As you progress, and destroy more and more of her infrastructure, and disrupt her operations, she starts getting more and more frustrated with the deputy, and in the final mission, she decides "fuck it, this person is clearly not gonna join us, I'll just kill him instead"

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**But now we can also ask, how would she have killed the deputy exactly? my theory is that she tries to do with the deputy what she did with the Marshall, where she tries mentally to make you kill yourself, your whole fight with her is purely a battle in your and her head

But through sheer mental power, the deputy not only manages to resist her attempt, but reverses it, and makes HER kill herself (I'm assuming there was some weapon near her wherever she was hiding at during the altercation)…also as the fight progresses, she starts trying to make you sympathize with her so I think that was her attempt at weakening your mental resistance to her control

This still doesn't explain how she gave a monologue after she gets defeated, or how you survived that jump from the book (I'm guessing we didn't even jump?) or how you ended up at her bunker after the fight

What do you guys think?

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