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Revisiting Far Cry 2 13 years later

The year was 2008, i was 15 years old. Me and my older brother just got Far Cry 2 for 360. I remember appreciating elements of FC2 but i didn’t love the game or the series by any means. I didn’t even finish it because i lost interest.

Fast forward to 2021 and i decide to play fc2 again but on pc this time. It’s the fortune’s edition version 1.04. I don’t remember much about the game apart from it taking place in africa and the fire mechanics were incredible.

First thing’s first, this game still holds up. The graphics are a little dated but honestly it’s still a very pretty game. The environment isn’t as massive and open as it is in say far cry 5. The areas are relatively small and restrictive but It’s a none issue to me so far. The combat and gameplay also hold up. The AI is mostly excellent with a few hiccups, enemies will pickup fallen comrades and you better put a few extra rounds into your target because they will pull out a pistol and bust a cap in your ass with their last breath. gunplay feels good but it takes way too many bullets to kill enemies so you run out of ammo very fast. my biggest complaint is some of the death animations, they look awkward and unnatural. Also, the vehicular dashboards are very realistic in appearance, but your speedometer says you’re going 100 mph when you’re doing maybe 20 moh.

Weapon jamming is interesting i don’t love nor hate it. I remember the fire physics being better before. Not sure if they patched this but i remember one small fire could turn into a serious blaze. Now it seems much more tame.

Whoever mentioned that npcs talk too fast before hit the nail on the head. The voice acting is unimpressive and everybody talks unnaturally fast. I never noticed this my first time playing. The villain sucks in comparison to vaas or seed.

Malaria is dumb as fuck. I’m not sure why they thought that would be a fun mechanic? Here play far cry but your character has a disease you have to manage lol wtf. I assumed you could find a cure my first play through but after a google i see it’s something you deal with all game long so i swiftly modded out malaria.

The outpost are a renown nuisance and i completely agree. What i really miss in this game are the random encounters. In fc3-5 you can have both factions and or wildlife fighting at any given monent. In fc2? Not that i have seen. The world has no civilians bc they all left the country due to civil war, but there is also little to no wild life…. In africa… the potential was incredible, imagine seeing an enemy outpost attacked by a pack of lions. I think there are like 3 non lethal animals in the whole game according to a quick google.

For the first few hours i held my fire when seeing a car on the road, but then i realized what this was. 100% of the people you encounter want you dead. This is when i really started missing/appreciating/reminiscing FC3. It was the first fc that really “figured it out”

Fc2 even has a buddy system, i was supposed to meet my buddy and some friendly troops in shanty town to ambush a convoy, i didn’t see anyone friendly the entire time….. just 20 guys trying to murder me.

Skill tree is missing, was introduced in 3 with pretty much every other beloved feature.

Gun selection is nerfed in this game, you can’t run around with a gun for every scenario, 1 side arm, 1 primary and then like a power weapon. The gem cases are cool but suitcases full of diamonds scattered everywhere is a bit immersion breaking.

Im gonna keep playing but this game is definitely less fun then 3-5.


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