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Suburban Far Cry, or Far Cry 7 pitch.

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Your character is a American drifter(either male or female) wandering from town to town looking for a job and a place to settle down. One day you eventually wander into a Floridian town you've never seen before, Heaths"Hells" Marsh was it's name. It dosen't take long for you to realize the town is an absolute shithole. The town is filled to the brim with Gangs undergoing a drug war, Depraved Perverts, Crazed Lepers, Corrupt Police, and a paramiltaristic hate group. The one above them all is The Kingpin: Alexander Barston. Former homeless Veteran turned drug dealer. In typical Far Cry fashion, you join a revolution tasked with taking down Alexander and returning justice to the town of Heaths Marsh.

The Far Cry series(at least the main entry's) tackled real life conflicts and issues: Modern Piracy, Dictators, Civil Wars, Revolutions, and Cults. I figure the next move in the franchise could be based on street/gang violence in America. This Idea was inspired Canadian Film: Hobo With a Shotgun.

Gameplay: The Gameplay is quite different as this will be the first to have multiple enemy factions. Different enemeis have different reactions with eachother, for examples the Gangs will be attacked or will attack the Hate Group and the Corrup Police, while some are nerutral to eachother such as the Hate Group and the Corrupt Police.

The Gangs are the most common faction, and include the Bones gang and the Hell's Brotherhood. They will regularly have gunfights and will most likely ignore you while they're in these fights. They are both equiped with uzis, shotguns, and ak-47's. They use Regular Cars as they're vehicles. At first they are hostile, but as the story progresses they become less hostile as you cando tasks for both of the gangs resulting in both of them ending their feud and joining the revolution.

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The Perverts and Lepers are the least common faction in the game. They are bot more or less the same, only difference being in appearences. The lepers have regular clothes but are deformed, while the perverts wear unbuttoned shirts, low hanging pants, and bald or messy hair. They're mainly a melee faction armed with pipes, bats, and shivs. When you've lost all health from a leper, either two things will happen. You will simply die, or you will wake up in a random part of with all of your money depleted. When the same happens to you from a Pervert, your screen will fade to black and you will also wake in a random part of town. This time with your health at one percent and no weapons or equipment. The leper has no vehicle while the pervert may drive around in a white, dirty van.

The Hate Group "Gottes Wehrmacht" is the second deadliest faction of the game, they specifically target the Gangs, and have regulary skirmishes with both of them. They're equipped with modern Assult Rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and handguns. They use both pickup trucks and vans. They often Collaborate with the police and Alexander himself.

The Corrupt cops are the most dangerous out of the factions. will appear at Gang fights, killing anyone and everyone they see. Alexander has collobarated with them and they serve as both his army and bodyguard Early game you will face with regular police officers armed with revolvers and shotguns, in late game you will face the SWAT team. Armed with the same equipment as the Gottes Wehrmacht but with smarter AI and more damage absortion.

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The town once had a zoo long before the violence began, housing many species of animals from all around the world. During the Violence, they were released from the zoo and have been regularly roaming around the town. These include Lions, Bears, Elephants, Girrafes, Baboons, Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Cheetahs and much more, adding to the crazieness of the town.


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