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Valley of the Yeti DLC was lackluster (spoliers)

I decided to try the Dlc after i had completed the main game and it started off good. I liked how it started you off with a clean slate and made you somewhat weak and at danger from enemies. I though the cult guys were somewhat intersting at the start and looked cool. Yetis were very cool and unqiue- i liked how brutal they are to the cult and the player. But other than that the Dlc felt lackluster.

The world felt empty when i explored it, i spent most of my time just driving from A to B without stopping because there was nothing interesting in the valley. Wildlife felt really dull in the dlc like why are there sooo many wolves in it compared to other animals- could've included new animals along side the Yetis. The dlc becomes way too easy after the first couple of nights as the game gives you a lot of op weapons that just destory enemies, making combat a joke. – Maybe remove signatures and add new weapons. I felt that the defense aspect at night was glitchy af with most of my traps such as animals cages and barrels drops not working, which was extremely annoying after completing the upgrade quests. The cultists started off good but then just became generic bland bad guys- i didn't even know i killed their leader until i heard it on the radio, thats how bland they are.

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And then the Ending…. WTF was that?!?!? I become a Yeti? Why? Was the relic real? Is Ajay now a yeti? Are cult members Yetis? None of these questions were answered as the dlc instantly ends and rolls credits. No cutscene, No playing as a Yeti. Just credits. WHY!?!?! I would have loved to become a rampaging Yeti and destory the cultists and maybe the rescue party but No Ubisoft bursts my balls and just gives us a middle finger with the credits and a helicopter…Thanks i'll sure to use it to explore an empty map.

To me this Dlc feels lackluster and incomplete- am I missing something or is that it for the Valley of the Yeti Dlc?


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