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Hey Guys, so after a couple really busy years I was finally able to sit down and play Far Cry 5 which has since become my favourite game since Far Cry 3. Play time took me 68 hours which I spread over the New Years long weekend and was not upset when I had to go to work on Monday on little to no sleep. If and when Ubisoft makes a remastered version or remakes the game this is a list of the things that I would personally want.

TLDR: I want a more immersive and realistic experience

The first thing is density.

While the map is large and can take quite a while to traverse which is the utmost fun, (I can count on one hand how many times I fast travelled) It lacks density all around. I first noticed this at one of the "towns" that are more like hamlets. I come from small towns and they are much bigger than this, this is what you would see if you are driving by, sure there were some houses but nothing major. I would like to see actual sized towns in the game. Not only would this significantly add to the realism of the game, but it would provide the player much more choice when it comes to running, hiding or fighting. Imagine being chased by religious zealots through a row of 20 houses vs 5. This will be touched on again lower down.

The second thing that I would like better density on is the environment. The team that worked on this did a spectacular job, there were moments where I really felt like I was out on the trails in the Rockies. Unfortunately, some of the models in this game seem like they are a little 2D for my liking and not enough of them, trees would be a perfect example of this. The grass didn’t feel like grass, just a texture, but that much rendering might not be feasible. This might be a graphical limitation from the time and popular hardware of the time, so it might just be overall fixed with "better graphics". Some of the other things I would like to see done better graphics wise is little things like the fangs for hire not floating and little things like that. Aside from that if we saw an update with DLSS and Ray tracing I would be ecstatic! We will see (Hopefully).

Smarter Bad Guys, in better clothes

The bad guys in general are something that I felt could use some improvements. First off, I hate the bad guy costumes with the giant leather trench coat in late summer. It looks absurd and seems even more absurd. These characters are meant to be symbolic of members of the flock that back-stabbed us, make them look like us. It may be harder to tell the difference between the baddies and the goodies, but that might be more fun, and I feel like it fits the story of the game and its realism better. Like I guess these could be biker gang religious zealots but that's not the vibe I got. The whole reason this Far Cry still felt like a Far Cry is because it took our home and turned it into a place that felt like home but was unrecognizable. Wouldn’t it be better to play in an environment where it is harder to identify your enemy? I think yes both symbolically for the story and for the immersion and difficulty of the game.

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Continuing on, some of the enemies felt like bullet sponges but at the same time the head shot mechanism of the game was effective and fun enough that I was able to over look that, and it also added a little more fun to the game. I would still prefer a) less bad guys and b) smarter bad guys. It weird when you have a town of 5 people and then 20 religious zealots come after you, like how? Does this county have enough resources to provide shelter for these people? If it does it did not seem like it. Regardless my end goal here is to have an AI bad guy that can use the environmental density that I wanted in my first request. Trying to survive someone hunting you through a town would be much more thrilling than getting on top of a building and blowing a whole team of baddies up. I do think that those types of missions should exist but have space in between. The outrageous violence is a staple of the franchise and if the character doesn't do impossible and outrageous things it wouldn't feel like a far cry game. Back to the main point, with new density and better graphics I want to be hunted through a town by 5 maybe 10 people where I weave in and out of peoples houses and buildings, slowly sneaking up on my attackers and eliminating them the best way I can. I want gun shots to notify the AI better, I want them to see a body and be able to think where I am and where they should be. I want to be in the position where I am sneaking through a house to get the drop on a baddie and all I hear is "Freeze" and a gunshot then restarting the level. Like I said this is just what I want, but I want a realistic scenario where a handful of guys is hunting one other guy in a town, not 30 guys randomly staggered around a town with guns. I want to use the terrain to out smart my opponent that is right now just too simple to do.

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I also want the bad guys to be able to take back areas that I have liberated, just because I take them over once does not mean that the shouldn’t be able to take it back, logically they have taken this area over once, they should be able to do it again. This would give the player a sense of always at war with these goons. If this was implemented in a way where they could only take a post back if you were in another county it would better force the player into the area that they were supposed to be in (more on this later).

Better management for the story

So I bounced around all over the map immediately, I did not follow the story line, I did what I wanted and went where I wanted but this caused some unfortunate side effects like not being able to finish missions I started and then having to go back and do the last 10% later when I was actually supposed to do it. This should not be available. I accidentally came across that statue and it started the mission for me, but this was at the beginning of the game and the switch to bring the ladder down at the end of the mission was not available until I did some other mission. It was weird and it took me out of the moment. Just take the triggers off if this is going to be the case, I have no problem with coming across an area that is just heavily guarded and then killing everyone and going back to do a mission where the sentries have been reinstated. I just don’t want to run into this, but I guess that is on the player for not playing the way that the developer intended.

Random bits that would make game play better for me

I am sure that this would be impossible at the moment but the team did a great job on this already, the guns sound great in this game but I would like to take it a step further and have a couple different noises where if you fire a gun on a mountain it sounds much different than it would with the sound waves bouncing off of a bunch of close buildings. I want to hear the tight packed gunshots ricocheting off buildings in a denser town. I want to be able to muffle my gun shot by luring and enemy into a house and then executing them as to confuse or not alert other enemies. I want to hear random floorboards squeak and give away my location when I am sneaking up on an enemy. I want to be able to lay down under a truck and snipe someone or hide in a closet and wait for the baddie to enter the room. I want to be able to climb a tree and set up shop to take out my opponents.

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If you made it this far; thanks for hearing what I had to say, let me know in the comments what you would like out of a remake!

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