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With all the negativity going around, here’s some of the thing I love about Far Cry 6

After about 15 hours I am loving this game, yet when I come online to discuss it all I see is negativity everywhere. From my perspective, all of this is way over blown so to anyone holding off on buying the game, here's a list of things I love. Sorry about the poor editing, I'm on mobile.

The Setting Not only is Yara a beautiful tropical island but it also feels so much more alive than any previous far cry setting. I have only explored about a quarter of the map so far but have already seen such a wide variety of environments and the dense urban jungle of the capital city (a first for the series) is well implemented and great fun to explore.

The Gameplay No surprises here, the great Far Cry experience weve come to love. Ubisoft has basically blended 4 and 5 together to make 6 the most all encompassing far cry game yet. I genuinely don't know where the 'bullet sponge' complaints are coming from. Everything dies with 1 headshot with armour piercing rounds. If anything I've found the combat a little too easy, but highly enjoyable.

The Crafting system and how it Fits the setting. While admittedly the crafting system isn't perfect, it does 100% fit the context of the game. You are a poorly equipped Guerrilla, hiding out if the forests and mountains, taking on an extremely well equipped professional military. These aren't the cultists from 5 or the pirates from 3. Many enemies are well armoured with powerful weapons. Tanks and helicopters are already common in my playthrough and I expect they'll only increase going forward. So yes, improving your weapons with things like armour piercing rounds and better scopes is necessary to have a chance. Overall I think this works well.

The Characters As I say I'm only about 15 hours in and have been doing lots of side content, but every character introduced to far has been unique, interesting and very well voice acted. From the alcholic and a little crazy old Guerrilla master, to the crocodile wrestling, angry farmer who clearly loves his family and his fiery daughter. All the way to the young guerilla leader in way over her head and the terrified teenage child of Anton Castillo slowly being turned into the same monster his farther is. All the characters iv met so far have been deeply compelling and while some have the tendency to fit into stereotypes, the good writing and excellent acting makes up for it.

The story and it's Cutscenes For the first time we have fully realised Cutscenes that take us out of the fixed first person perspective to actually see Dani working with the other Guerrillas. This allows Dani to have a deep and rich character of their own, as opposed to the bank slates of previous protagonists. We also get Cutscenes of Anton and his son reacting to the actions of the Guerillas which really help flesh out the world and the enemy that you are fighting. If allows for Giancarlo Esposito's brilliant performance to have more screen time, without the artificiality of 3,4 and 5's many meeting and kidnappings where the antagonists should just be shooting you in the head but for obvious reasons cannot. So far at least, far cry 6 has avoided this artificial feeling by just giving us full Cutscenes of Anton Castillo.

The story itself is so far highly compelling. Most comparable to Far Cry 4 yet it feels its own. Honestly hard for me to comment much on this as I'm so little distance in so far, but I am emersed and excited to see what happens next.

Dani While I touched on this is the last section, Dani feels like the most realised player character of the series so far. While the cutscenes are a major part of this there are numerous little details as well. From the heavy breathing and clear sounds of pain and emotion during combat, to singing along at the top of her voice to Ricky Martin while driving around. I assume the experience is the same with a Male Dani as well, but the female Dani I am playing not only has a actual character unlike the protagonists in 4 and 5, but feels far more of a real person than Jason from 3.

The Insane level of Customisation Weapons can be modded, sprayed different colours and have charms hung from them but that's just the start. There's also a large selection of clothing that can be mixed and matched and that all provide unique bonuses. Bases can be upgraded with different buildings. Vehicles can be customised with different weapons, rams and dash ornaments. Even horses can have a different colours and patterns.

Horses. Just perfect for the setting. Fast and nimble and can be taken on paths through the jungle to avoid the military on the main roads.

The Animal Companions I wasn't a big fan of companions in far cry 5, but the animal friends in 6 are changing my mind. Chorizo is every bit as cute as the trailers made him seem.

There are many more things I'm loving about the game, this is just a selection. Yes, there are some things I would tweak if I could but that has been true for every Far Cry game. In fact, that's true for every game, ever. There is no such thing as a perfect game and far cry 6 is no exception to that. However, it is a really fun time with solid gameplay and a compelling story. I have so far encountered no major bugs or glitches and the game has all the content advertised and expected. For a AAA title in 2021, that bare minimum puts it above a lot of the competition.

If you enjoyed the other games in this series, buy it, enjoy it. The problems it does have are being blown way out of proportion.


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