Far Cry 5

Yara has easily become my favorite Far Cry location by a huge margin

And it's not because 6 just came out, so everything is immediately new and engaging. There was something wrong with each of far cry locations that bothered me, from minor to large.

Far Cry 2: Well, actually this one is probably my second or third favorite, it has the largest variety of distinct biomes in a far cry game, from the dense jungles to open sandy deserts. but it's also the most lifeless, even the towns are just full of armed guards. everyone is an enemy trying to kill you.

Far Cry 3: I'm just not a fan of tropical island environments (crysis, dead island, far cry 3 etc). They don't really appeal to me that strongly. Also 3 was very visually homogeneous, the biggest change between the two halves is the south half has more open grass fields and some larger mountains. Its is very pretty though, the visuals still hold up surprisingly well.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon: The only interesting thing about the map is that its implied it takes place in a destroyed and heavily mutated Canada

Far Cry 4: Would be my absolute favorite, but i consider it to be a lot wasted potential. snowy mountain environments are actually one of my favorite kind (so my stance on 3 makes more sense now). but my biggest issue is just how much its not that. It's hard to articulate so this point is going to come off weak, but a good way to see what i mean is to compare the E3 trailer for 4 to what it looks like in the release. It's still beautiful though, tibet-esque Himalayan mountains are a super interesting location with lots of culture and history not presented in many games. the map for the valley of the yetis dlc is pretty much what i wanted half the map to look like, but unfortunately what we got was slightly more hilly and browner far cry 3.

Far Cry Primal: Honestly, it's gorgeous, i don't really have anything bad to say about it at all. But Primal is my least played in the series so its hard to place it very high.

Far Cry 5: Biggest issue i have with 5 is simply how boring and familier it is. Like, its beautiful and extremely well researched and realized, but also way too familiar feeling. It's a hard thing to describe, maybe its because i live in a similar place in real life (just less mountains), maybe its because it feels like every location on the map can be described as *forest*. It all just kinda blends together.

Far Cry New Dawn: Love the idea of a post apocalypse going through a superbloom, it's different and feels unique from all the other brown-pocalypses. This may be controversial, but other then Yara this is one of my favorites. My biggest issue is just that most of the time it doesn't look like or feel like the post apocalypse, and i'm not referring to the pink, but because it uses far cry 5 maps there's very little civilization to show blown up. The most "post-apocalypse" the game looks is the area around Fall's End because it has the most destroyed buildings, ruins, desertification, burned out cars etc, the rest of the map is just *forest* but pink. Like if new dawn was set in Yara with no other aesthetic changes, it would be one of my favorite post apocalypse setting. ever. period.

Far Cry 6: The biggest change is essentially the introduction urban environments. This has a huge impact on the maps… err… "pacing". The one consistent thing that bothered me about all the previous game is how much the maps blended together. The entire map in each game felt like it was just rolling hills with trees pasted on. flat with very green tropical trees, mountainous with browner trees, and mixed flatlands and mountains with evergreens. the lack of civilisation and urban environments helped with the feelings of isolation but hurt the overall map because of how much it all blended together. But holy hell 6 does away with that in the best way possible. With the introduction of proper towns that arent just shanty towns and even full sized city does so much to break up the environment, and it's not just that there are now buildings larger then two stories, theres is just so much more to the world. Ports, towns, trains station, factories, mountains, farms, highways, fields, airports, military bases with that are more than a few tents, there is so much more going on visually that none of the previous games had, or if they did have with was much simpler. or more isolated, basically the exceptions that stood out against the hills and trees. And it's all the just so well realized, Yara oozes history and culture, the cuba inspiration is so beautifully well realized in every way, from the cars, the architecture, even to the weapon selection. The world feels so real, lived in, and more importantly alive, with civilians everywhere walking around and driving, even all the towns look slightly different. Oh and i know i said i don't like tropical environments, but i consider yara to be more jungle-ly then tropical so it works for me.

Sorry for writing so much, these are opinions i have been internalizing and holding onto pretty much since far cry 3 launched


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