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Come Join Us – Recruiting for Pleasant Valley Industries FS19

Hello Fellow Farmers,

We are an active FS17 farming community that is rebooting and starting on Pleasant Valley Industries map and are looking for more farmers to join us! We have a range of players, mostly from US Timezones but have a few from European time zones and are looking for more. We have approximately 4 regularly daily active players, with another 5-6 casual players that will log on periodically, but currently have a 16 slot server hosted in Washington, DC and looking to fill out.

Our Playstyle:

(This is how we ran things in the past)

My vision for the server is as a small “city”, with its own economy and interactions. I want to force us to work with each other in order to promote the inter-farm dependency/economy. The whole point of playing multiplayer is to have some interaction.

I read some rules a while back that made a ton of sense. Eventually I would like to get to this point

  • Cow owners will only be allowed to plant Grass and non straw bearing crops. Straw will need to be sourced from a fellow farmer.
  • Pig owners will be required to source a minimum of two needed crops from a fellow farmer.
  • Sheep owners must source grass from a fellow farmer.
  • The primary income for animal owners should always be the animals. Field/factory income should be a “side” income and should not be considered your primary focus. In fact at some point, you may stop doing field work if you can sustain yourselves with animal/factory income.
  • Movement of crops/product will be accomplished either by the owner or another player contracted/hired to do so.
  • We may only mow grass on fields we own or around the immediate area of our farm/field(s).
  • Once factories are up and running, owners will need to source x number crops/resources from other farmers. The number will be based on how many inputs your factory requires.
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For example.If Allen farm owns the Grain Mill, they can then make Wheat Flour and sell it to Roberts farm Players who own the Bread Factory.

It's a friendly community that is based around semi-realism. We are heavily centered around our communication via Discord, and joining our discord is a requirement. But being in voice chat is not a requirement, just have it available for Mod updates and announcements or server events.

What we are LOOKING for:

Farmers that are getting back into the game, that has been playing the game. We like to run a semi realistic server. We are just starting this map off.

However, we anticipate re-running the map once we have a solid community and each joining new farms, with new factories and having a completely new experience. So now is a good time to join.


3 Farm Managers Currently 3 farms on the map are empty. Looking for more frequent players to take Manager positions. PV Experience is a plus.

7-8 Farm Employees More casual players would fit better here, but daily activity is welcome!

If you are interested in joining us, please Hop in our Discord and message Khunfuzion#9470 via voice or Text:

18+ Requested


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