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COMMUNITY POLL – Results RL farming and Meme posts

Content of the article: "COMMUNITY POLL – Results RL farming and Meme posts"

A little late with this I know, but below are the results of the community poll.


People who voted for no change: 279
People who wanted change 173
People who had issues with Memes and RL posts. 80
People who had issues with just Memes 25
People who had issues with just RL Farming posts 68
Total Votes: 452


From these results we can see that an overwhelming part of the community has no problems with the current posting habits of the community, I do acknowledge that there are also a good amount of people who do not care for Meme or RL farming content. However, even when we add all the people together who have an issue with this type of content we still have a large majority for no change.

Actions I'm taking:

Due to these overwhelming results we are not going to take any action in regards limiting these types of posts, what I will do is try and get to a higher level of quality on RL farming and possibly Meme posts (they're a bit trickier).

For RL farming posts, I'm going to try and weed out the images taken of machinery that's very far in the distance or images that are incredibly blurry/low quality I will also include images that aren't really AG related such as a truck parked in a parking lot. I am also going to make an effort to try and limit multiple posts by one user (ensuring that they use the gallery feature).

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For meme posts, I'm going to try and ensure that Re-posts are kept to a minimum (7 days in-between at least), Vulgar, Racist and any other meme's of this kind are of course still not allowed and I will try and monitor comments on Meme posts more closely to ensure that a post isn't out of taste/touch for the community.

Actions that you can take:

As always, feel free to report posts that obviously break the rules of our subreddit, however, Please stop reporting Meme or RL farming post as Spam. This does not help anyone, it fills up the mod log with posts that aren't actually a problem and just means that it takes longer to get to the actual problem posts.

I have also prepared a few links for users that they can bookmark, these links will exclude the type of content that you don't want to see. Feel free to bookmark the one that works for you and visit the Subreddit using the link that has the content that you want to see.

  • No Meme's Top (Day)
  • No Meme's New
  • No RL Farming Top (Day)
  • No RL Farming New
  • No Meme's or RL Farming Top (Day)
  • No Meme's or RL Farming New


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