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FS19 = A Shallow Experience

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I'm new to the FS series and while I really enjoy the game, it needs a major overhaul/update with regards to the business simulation side of the house.

Sure, you can farm, buy and sell land, crops and commodities, but that's essentially all you're limited to. There is zero market competition, little if any financial ramifications of your actions, no sense of urgency with regards to capital or lack thereof, and a myriad of other issues plaguing this game and apparently the previous iterations as well.

Once the euphoria wore off I was pretty disappointed with doing the same thing over and over again. There are real-world risks, issues, concerns, and hardships faced by farmers around the world. In FS19 none of it matters.

What I'd like to see implemented:

  • Actual realistic competition via the AI.
  • The ability to form and run your own COOP or corporate entity.
  • I shouldn't be able to buy any patch of land I want. Farming Simulator is like a magical world where anyone and everyone sells their land irregardless of profitability or hardship. This is just asinine.
  • Crop prices being set by the player via the market offerings. Allow me to underbid the competition by coming out even or even below market value. In doing so you could endear yourself to the buyer by enabling partnerships, contracts and the like. Alternatively you could set higher prices for crops not being grown at all.
  • Contracts. Not the kind you run on someone else's field in return for minimal results. Real-world like contracts, the ones where you're tasked with growing something on your own land according to the prescribed nature of said contract. Success could mean more of the like and failure could render lost revenue and ostracization from the contractor community.
  • Natural disasters and or climatological events should be a thing. I don't need to see a tornado, wildfire, or extreme drought tearing through my field rendered in 3D or anything, but I'd like to see the effects of such random events depicted given geographical terrain and weather evolution. Said events would require the player to make hard choices as opposed to continuing down the same linear path we're all so used too.

I've a got a half-dozen more but feel they're superficial, so I won't list them. FS feels exactly like ETS and ATS, an utterly shallow business experience, and that isn't a good thing.

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So, in FS19 you're not challenged, you're not really beholden to anyone, banking and debt is an afterthought, the market is a scripted joke, land is purchasable akin to me running next door and telling my neighbor I now own his house without ever informing him, there's a nonexistent economy regulated by nothing, and the game itself is just you running though the motions. It just utterly lacks challenge.

I'm hopeful they'll add something, anything to the econ side of the house in future iterations.


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