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FS2019 Seasons – Seed & Fertilizer Efficiency/Cost

Still learning: Now that I have just started playing seasons I really want to make every penny stretch. I have some questions regarding the cost and efficient use of seeds and fertilizer early in the seasons game including mods. Forgive me if this is a bit long and whilst I could go and read whatever … I already am. I'd just like to get feedback on the following thoughts for those that don't mind brushing up on this topic and helping out a fellow player. TY!

1st: Cost
Turning Off the 'Helper Refill' settings has been advised to me early. Is it true that with this setting on, the helpers refilling charge you an extra 50% on top of Shop Prices?

2nd: Cost
Pallets Vs Big Bags – Solids Vs Liquids + Vs MODs:
I'm wondering if you get more bang for buck if you buy Pallets over Bags of seeds?

Is there is a cost saving using the Seed Tank Mod or is that purely for convivence to save trips to the shop?

MOD Pallets/Bags? Are these mods only for aesthetics? Or are there any Pallets available on the Mod Store/Websites that give more volume than in-game shop?

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Filling Options (whilst Empty/Running Out In The Field)

I've been wondering if I should have a shed supply in the middle of the map (or two locations across the map) for both contracts and for when owning Multiple Fields myself during those times I run out of supplies half way or near the end of a job? Would owning a Pallet Lifting Vehicle, Trailer & 'Fast' means off Transport make this an efficient strategy or is there a better way? Like I understand having the best vehicle for the job/contract is always best, but when starting out and being a newbie like I am … I have been caught out more than a few times.

Equipment & Contract Selection:
Last night I got caught out doing a big field with a seemingly under powered and smaller fertilizer sprayer than I should of otherwise been using. I then leased a much larger one which not only sprayed a larger area at one time but also seems to be using less liquid fertilizer.

I could not help but wonder on the important of selecting the right sized and possibly Solid Vs Liquid fertilizer when doing Big Jobs????? WHAT IS THE BEST COURSE OF ACTION in this regard? Which is better over all and or for Big Vs Small? Pros and Cons of Liquid Vs Solid?

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That's if for now. Sorry if I too long and or unclear. Just wondering what I can do to be more cost effective with my spending and transport efficiency as well as equipment selection for my current game level and understanding as a new player starting out from scratch in seasons. So far the help in here has been a big plus with regards to that. Thanks!


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