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FS22 – Production chains deep dive, FS22 general discussion, and questions.

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Become a farming mogul

As more and more farmers look for additional ways to generate income, FS22 will offer you various opportunities to grow your farming operations. Don't stop at selling your fresh harvest: if you want more of the capitalism-flavored cake (made with regional ingredients only), and earn even more from your produce start a production chain!

In FS22 there is a total number of 13 different production plants you can not only supply with your goods, but buy, own and place on your land, too. Take a look at the graphic to learn more about the dependencies.

So, whatever is produced in the end, it's made locally: whether it's cheese at the dairy, flour at the grain mill, or even clothes at the tailor shop after wool has been processed at the spinnery.

One of our favourites is the bakery, offering local residents fine bread and delicious strawberry cake. It's as lucrative as it is tasty, and requires a whole set of ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and strawberries from your greenhouses – we'll tell you more about those soon!


Collection of all FS22 announcements and megathreads

Fact Sheet Fridays:

  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3
  • Week 4
  • Week 5
  • Week 6
  • Week 7 –NEW– 08/10/2021

Previous big topics:

  • Seasons
  • Production chains
  • Cinematic trailer
  • New crops and trailer
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping
  • Farmcon recap
  • Crossplay
  • Character customisation
  • Ground Working Feature

General Information


  • I can't find the season pass pre-order for PS?
    • There's no pre-order on the season pass for Playstation users, it will be available up-on release.
  • Should I buy 19 or wait for 22?
    • That depends entirely on your situation, just be aware that it might take some time for the top mods from 19 to become available in 22
  • Is there crossplay?
    • Yes! for more information see the Crossplay topic linked above
  • Can Seasons be turned off?
    • You can turn seasons off in a way, it'll stop preventing you from planting but the seasons will still occur
  • What's the performance like on the new-gen consoles/do I need a new-gen console for max settings?
    • You might need to turn down your settings on the older consoles and will have a reduced slot count compared to the new consoles. However, machinery and maps are said to be more efficient so you should see an increase in that regard.
  • Will there be any improvements to the helpers?
    • So far nothing has been announced
  • Will there be GPS in FS22?
    • No, they said that they aren't working on it yet but that they are looking at it in the future.


  • Xbox one
  • Xbox series
  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 5
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Stadia

Release date:

22nd of November 2021



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