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Manure System / difficulty with hoses for non-manure stuff — Please help

Content of the article: "Manure System / difficulty with hoses for non-manure stuff — Please help"

Playing MVP-19 on PC, with Manure System and a fair few other mods installed. I purchased a Rubicon 9000 (the largest capacity and widest wingspan base-game self-propelled sprayer.) I cannot for the life of me figure out how to load liquid fertilizer or herbicide into the damn thing.

Mostly, I can't figure out where to attach the hose to the vehicle. Google and YooToob both offer a smorgasbord of false-positive and almost-not-quite search results.



EDIT: Note that I specifically chose the MVP-19 map because it was specifically designed to support all of the extra fruit-types so that it would be possible to combine Straw Harvest, MaizePLUS, GlobalCompany, etc. I.e., the standard map can support 31 species of fruit — which I suspect is because it's technically limited to 32, and the system needs to "reserve" one for something system-related, I speculate. At any rate, the "Farming Agency" team of modders are methodically working on maps, and updates to existing maps, to allow those maps to accommodate up to 128 (127 +1 reserved, I wonder…?) At any rate, I'm not aware of any combination of mods that would call for more than 128 fruit types, and I'm running ProSeed, as many GC mods as I can imagine using, clover, alfafa, etc., PLUS I added in the "make your own supplies" mods such as diesel production, in-game production of herbicide / dry_fert, liq_fert, etc.

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What I realized just after setting this post live was that I was using the DEF Production and DEF-canister mods. The sprayer's F1-menu was constantly asking for the R-key to trigger loading DEF… No DEF was anywhere within context range, and the sprayer vehicle itself seems to not allow for DEF usage anyway. I temporarily removed those two DEF mods to see if I can get my issue under control. Will report back here afterward, even if fixed, as I suppose others might benefit from seeing this post after the fact.


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