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I just wanted to give a little more thorough review of a few maps I've been on recently:

  • New Woodshire – clean, open map with lots of options for modification to fields. Most of the fields are irregular in shape but some are square and simple. Sell points are kind of annoying and hard to get into with large vehicles. Initial farm has a good layout and easy to expand. Shop is close by. I used Courseplay quite a bit on this map due to the shape of the fields.
  • Eureka Farms – small. Not a whole lot to it. Everything but the shop and the farm area is out at the edges but the edges aren't that far away either. Easily one of the smallest maps I've played on. The farm area is wide open though and has plenty of area to build basically whatever you want. The fields are mostly square and can be used with standard workers. I love that the Shop is literally attached to the main farm area. No long, boring drives from the shop.
  • Pacific Northwest – really probably has something for everyone. Tiny, odd shaped fields up on the top area, big square fields that are good for vanilla workers on the bottom area. Great use of the train. Lots of sell points. Plenty of areas to really setup a farm or multiple farms. Really great use of elevation. You can really make the bottom area whatever you want. It's kind of like a blank slate. Lots of forestry areas too.
  • Eiersholt – haven't spent a ton of time on this one but the default farm is tight but laid out well and has a LOT of customization and different ways you could take it. It's really setup for any type of animal husbandry you want to get into. Lots of sell points, lots of big fields, plenty to really dig your teeth into. A lot of the fields have different elevation and some really unique layouts. You start out with a ton of equipment too.
  • Wyther Farms – small, not as small as Eureka. I haven't done a ton on this map but I don't know if there's anything really special about this one. The starting farm is kinda meh. I may not continue with this one.
  • Pleasant Valley – this is a whole different experience. I've only just dipped my toe in this map and I'm excited but also overwhelmed. Soooo many different things to get into but there's also a lot of setup and a lot of mods just to make it all happen. I'm not even sure where to start with this map. I feel like you basically have to cheat on money to really get into this map.
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Anyways, just my 2c. I'd love to see this level of detail (or deeper) from other map reviews.


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