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MEGATHREAD Farmcon post stream and Apline Farming Expansion DLC discussion.

Content of the article: "MEGATHREAD Farmcon post stream and Apline Farming Expansion DLC discussion."

That's Farmcon over for this year! it was a super interesting stream, below is a TLDW breakdown of some of the things announced and or discussed.

Dive into vast mountainous grasslands of alpine farming life! With the Alpine Farming Expansion for Farming Simulator 19, you’ll set up your agricultural undertaking with focus on grass harvesting on a brand-new map – inspired by the idyllic landscape of the Alpine region in Europe. Of course, new brands and machines will be introduced to the series as well. Watch the trailer below!

The new DLC includes a new map (Ellengrad) and 30 new vehicles. The planned release date is the 12th of November and will cost 19.99 € .

Release page

New machines:

  • Aebi CC 66 Mower
  • Aebi TT 281+ Utility Vehicle
  • Agrar Landtechnik ADF 3200 Slurry Tanker
  • Böckmann MH-AL 4320/35 Trailer
  • Lindner Unitrac 122 LDrive Utility Vehicle
  • Lindner Transportation Platform Utility Vehicle
  • Lüönd Swiss-Elite S 31 Trailer (Loader Wagon)
  • Pöttinger ALPINHIT 4.4 H Tedder
  • Pöttinger BOSS ALPIN 251 Loading Vehicle
  • Pöttinger EUROBOSS 330 TD Loading Vehicle
  • Pöttinger FARO 4010 D Loading Vehicle
  • Pöttinger HIT 8.9 T Tedder
  • Pöttinger IMPRESS 125FC Pro Baler
  • Pöttinger IMPRESS 125F Pro Baler
  • Pöttinger LION 303 + AEROSEM 3002 Power Harrow
  • Pöttinger NOVAALPIN 261 Mower
  • Pöttinger NOVACAT 301 ALPHA MOTION Mower
  • Pöttinger NOVADISC 812 Mower
  • Pöttinger SERVO 25 Plow
  • Pöttinger SYNKRO 3020 Cultivator
  • Pöttinger Terradisc 3001 Disc Harrow
  • Pöttinger TOP 342 Windrower
  • Pöttinger TOP 612C Windrower
  • Rigitrac SKE 50 ELECTRIC Tractor
  • Rigitrac SKH 75 Tractor
  • Rigitrac SKH 150 Tractor
  • Sepp Knüsel F 240 Mower
  • SIP Air 300 F Alp Belt Rake
  • SIP Favorit 254 Belt Rake
  • Stöckl Mistral 3400 SR Manure Spreader
  • and more – stay tuned!


The segment in which it was discussed Topic/Info

Slot count for future FS game, They're trying to increase the slot count for the next game but it's set by the console developer and not Giants.

Working on multi-sound layer, has been worked on for FS19 but wasn't implemented. Might not make it to the next game if they can't get it to the point that they're happy with it.

New tool developed that allows the creation of several loops for different RPM's. The engine will max and pitch those loops to create the sound at any RPM. –Tools will be released for modders–

New recording of the motor while accelerating/decelerating from idle to max RPM. Allowing the game engine to generate a loop at any RPM using granular synthesis. (May not work for all vehicles)

Added support for discrete gear shifts in physics simulation

Added simulation of reverb from the surrounding objects
Designing the new map Map is located in the alps (260 meters altitude difference)
Designing the new map Will focus on grass harvest and the vehicles will focus on this as well. There are new grass textures
Designing the new map New AI bus and 2 "Factory" sell points for milk
Designing the new map Trains can now carry logs (any items still on the train at the edge of the map will get sold automatically)


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