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Modded flatbed trailer visible in in-game store menu selection, but isn’t selectable

Content of the article: "Modded flatbed trailer visible in in-game store menu selection, but isn’t selectable"

This mod literally worked three days ago, no idea why it no longer is. I backed up savegames and entire My GamesFarmingSimulator2019 folder > literally uninstalled the base game through Steam > rebooted laptop > checked for updates for Windows 10 / anti-malware / even glanced at hardware driver versions > rebooted again > reinstalled base game > re-downloaded mod file (couldn't find google results for an alternate download location) > began new vanilla save with this mod installed and NO OTHERS > recreated same symptoms > captured OBS footage of this symptom happening, where the UI "click" sound effect properly fires when I select the trailer for purchase either via double-click the portrait / single click the screen-control in the lower left / used the Enter_key keybind, but in-store menu GUI doesn't switch to vehicle customization screen.

Dropbox link to footage (sorry I haven't had a chance to add narration or audio commentary, which I'll add if I become convinced that posting it to YouTube would be necessary) is located at Included at this link is my FS19 log file from the session that took place during the video, alongside the zipfile of the mod itself in question.

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Mod was downloaded from, I first became aware of it from a FS19-timelapse youtuber. PLEASE NOTE: this mod worked two or three days ago. Nothing has changed. The new copy of the mod that I re-downloaded seems to be identical to the one previously used prior to this issue, yet the one I posted behind my Dropbox link is the new copy that I just re-obtained. Video footage shows test-save created on Ravenport, but off screen I did perform the exact same troubleshooting process with Felsbrunn, as well as at least 3 or 4 additional maps beyond just the two stock maps that ship with the base game.

Googling the keywords "error" "modded trailer" "" "cannot purchase" "will not customize" "glitched" "farming simulator 19" and a few other combinations are all so uselessly generic as to be wastes of time. Any guidance or help, even partial help, would be greatly appreciated.


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