Farming Simulator

Mo’s Million Dollar Bale

Hello, I'm Mo and I cut the grasses. Just moved to Erlengrat 6 days ago and wanted to show you how she goes.

Some things you should know about me:

  1. I cut the grasses. No exceptions.
  2. Originally from Stackistan, but I left that terrible place in search of a better auto-loading life.
  3. Profit.

OK, so things have been going pretty well. The pastures are producing, the cows are fat and happy, and the gear is good. Mostly double cutting, packing a bunker, and baling the rest for sale. I have 3 properties now with plenty of pasture and decided to make a run at them all this weekend, to see how much gold is in these hills. Who knows, maybe I could be a millionaire?

Worked late Saturday night to get a jump. I know I told you I don't stack anymore, but the game never leaves you. And I don't know why people clowning Helper 🅱️. He's an operator, and that's facts.

Felt kinda bad about working late recently and waking the cows, so I bought my girls a white noise machine. A moment of Zen before tomorrow. You laugh, but it works. Check how mad she is when I wake her up.

The Barn is open 8-5 on Sundays. I had a trailer ready to go first thing – $342/k, so $1368/bale or $32,832/trailer. It's a decent price, though I've seen better. I have around $275k in the bank, which means I'll need almost 23 full bale trailers, or nearly 550bales to clear $1M. I figure I'll have 6 hours or so before the market tanks, so time to get to gettin'.

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First field is clean. Here we go again.

Made it to the top. Pretty sure this is the highest point on my property. Gonna save that bale for last, in case I can hit a million.

Getting close, but don't think I have enough to cover. If you squint, I do have another small pasture ready to bale if it comes down to it.

Starting to panic a little bit. There's still some meat left on these ribs though.

The last full trailer right @ 2pm. Not sure if the price will hold. Don't have to tell the Arion twice. Outside-in block pass across the tracks, nothing but lane.

And the price held! Just 4 more and I'm a bale-ionaire. Should have at least another hour to sell them, no sweat. Promised I wouldn't stack, but I had to do it to em'.

Sold 3, but decided to hang on to #537 – the million dollar bale. Not really sure why. It did get some local attention, once the story got out. That's a tale for another time though.

Instead, I decided to take it slow and do some crawlin'. Even invited Helper 🅱️ and let him pilot the electric Rigi. Really wanted to put the 150 through it's paces though. It was somewhat of an impulse purchase, and I've been having a bit of buyer's remorse. Yes, it has more grunt than the Lintrac, but nowhere near the speed. Was a little disappointed with the turning radius too, though it ain't bad.

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The trail is a whole 'nother matter. See for yourself:

– The Reach.

– Nice Pass.

– The Summit.

Not a bad day. Gonna let the fields rest tomorrow. Probably buy the BGA, and maybe the hill above it too. It could use a guy like me.


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