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[PS4] Helpers not making passes at proper widths? (The Valley The Old Farm)

Hey all,

I recently installed The Valley The Old Farm, and so far I'm loving it. I'm currently running Field 53 with the surrounding woods due to the price, and I'm trying to set it up with grass/poplars in order to do silage and wood chips.

Now, this is the second run I'm doing of the map, due to changing some of my mods, but both times I'm noticing that planting/sowing on Field 53 is kinda wonky. The first time I ran this, I tried setting the planting width for the poplars at 3m (and then 4m) and using a helper, but the helper would run along one row, then line up right at the edge of that row to do a pass in the opposite direction. On this run, I'm planting the grass first using a 4m seeder, and the helper makes one run along the field in one direction, then lines up the second pass with the edge of the wheels just off the previously sown ground. It's still covering everything, but it also means that about 20% of the seeder is overlapping with the previously seeded area.

While this could be a problem with the seeder mod I'm using, the inability of the helpers to set the poplars up correctly makes me wonder if it's a map issue instead, unless there's something else going on that I'm missing. Could it be related to the DriveLaner mod? I have the mod installed, but don't have the actual device installed on my tractor.

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It's annoying in both instances, but it's particularly annoying with the poplars as I have to manually set the row width myself.

Any help is appreciated!


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