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Howdy folks. My current "main" save is on hold for now since I've taken to my test map to tinker with mods, terraforming / landscaping, etc. Apologies for the length, but I'm absolutely of the school of thought that providing some background behind the reason for asking a question only helps to increase the value of any answers received. That said, I did number the points for the ability to navigate.


1.) Having trouble designing driving surfaces, especially for non-tractors such as trucks, where the road is not only gentle with the slop between high and low elevations as the truck drives forward, but also doesn't make a top-heavy truck lean and rollover on a curve or sometimes even a straightaway.

2.) I suck at placeables and at building farm vehicle yards and equipment. I can do it, but it's blocky, SimCity, uninspired. Some Timelapsers and YouTubers are fantastic at this, and I know that it's folly for me to try to emulate what they can do, but my point is mentioning YouTubers is that it proves the concept that there is actually that their skill levels might prove attainable, I just don't know how.

3.) Bonus: Brief question about WeightSystem mod.


1.) I want to ensure that the road surface is level with respect to the perpendicular to the flow of vehicle traffic, particularly top-heavy traffic, or when transporting large vehicles or modded entities that cannot be "strapped down." For example, I've used EasyDev and MegaStrength to load lorries up with logging trailers. I've experimented with how neat / messy the trailer is loaded, tried to proceed intentionally unstrapped (think of the technique of teaching a teenager to drive a car by displaying an open container of liquid on the dashboard in order to remind them not to steer too hard or too quickly).

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I can, through some sequence of either skill or tedium, control for all of those variables, including the possibility of using different trailers and different lorries entirely. But I can't fore out how to tightly control for removing, or at least accurately manipulating, that lateral-grade.

And I emphasize "tightly controlled" because I'm aware of the roundabout method of leveling the entire area at some arbitrary height elevation, even at multiple points along a graded slope or terrain feature, and then using the smoothing brush to blend the internally-level increments and steppes to end up with the roadway I want. First of all, in a non-cheat playthrough, that shit is frickin expensive, and to a lesser extent also time consuming which is a big factor when it comes to multiplayer. Secondly, there's still the matter right now that I'm hopeful to find some way to increment a lateral-slope in controlled stages for experiment and testing with different vehicles / load types / travel speeds / weather via Seasons (does precipitation in Seasons alter road friction?) / or even road grip that is semi-moddable with mods such as Vehicle Realism.

2.) A semi-unrelated question in this post asking about terraforming, I want to become better at placeables planning and layout design of a farm's vehicle yard, or maybe designing centralized complexes for things like ManureSystem slurry tanks, animal feed mixers, etc. So far, my layouts are… drab. First I've built too tight for turning and backing clearances, then I've built too wide and things I wanna keep track of are beyond draw distance, etc. If anyone reading this is a "good" placeables-planner, can you clue me in not only to an imgur link or savefile of one of your examples, but an idea of your design process? This might benefit from arranging to speak on Discord once or twice with you sharing your screen so I can follow along with your train of thought as you build. And hell, if you consider yourself to be not-good at this, could you chime in with why you say that, and maybe snippets of YOUR mentality while building (because if you truly believe yourself to be with room for improvement by saying that you're not-good with placeables, then I might take that as advice to "avoid" some of what you think are your own pitfalls.) I can learn and improve my game at chess by simply playing a lot of chess games against various opponents online or in person, but the best way for my personal brain to improve my chess skills is to look at chess-puzzles, where there is a possible board arrangement of pieces and a prompt asking me to find the single checkmating move, or the single possible move that can prevent myself from being checkmated, etc. Is there a trove of pics or savefiles I can download or browse where I can see some good examples and also see some less-good examples of player-designed yard layouts?

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3.) Bonus: Does anyone else use the WeightSystem mod? Are the placeables from that mod supposed to "no" anything with like hidden triggers or attachment nodes and stuff, or are they meant to be a visual guide to a vehicle driver coming in to disconnect a weight?


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