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Very interesting map suggestion!?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been walking with this idea in my head for some time now and I thought I’d best find peace by sharing it. I love playing FS19 and I especially love history and old equipment.

Here comes the idea, I live near a very old estate of about 2X3KM. The main house acted as a havezate or castle that protected the route to the nearby fortified city of Coevorden.

The estate consists of long tree lined lanes and winding sand roads lined with wood fencing or sharp bouches to keep animals in pastures and out of farmland. There are also beautifull forests and lakes. Allong the edges of the estate there are multiple farms, al of a design in wich people and animals live under one thatched roof. There were 35 at most, only 8 today. Also al the farms have window shutters in yellow and red, the collors of the estate. Al these farmers paid a yearly lease to the barones who lived in the main house.

My Idea: recreate the estate because the landscape and story lend itself very wel for fs. I would even go as far as to put it in the 1950’s. With old equipment like Lanz tractors and early machinery. The idea would be to work yourself up form the lease farmer to maybe even the owner of the estate in the end…

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I think this could be a really beautifull and emersive map if done right. There are lots of stories about the estate. The baron was deported by the germans for helping the resistance and never returned. And one of the most important battles in the netherlands in the middle ages toke place on this estate! Etc. etc.

My problem: I cant mod :(. I really cant. I can supply a moder with maps, pictures and every information he could wish. Even the exact location of field enterances. But I cant make it myself.

So essentially I am looking for a modder to develop this map with as a cool summer project. I wis I could add pictures to show how beautifull the estate is.

The name of the estate is “De grote Scheere.” (The big Scheere) Scheere was a term used to describe the amount of food for one cow.

With kind regards,

P.S. feel free to message me!


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