14-5 in WL (PS4) – Review of my squad and 41212 (2)

I have just completed my first WL of FIFA 22 where I finished 14-5, and this was my team.

Review of team

  • (GK) Lloris: I really did not like him. He is the first GK that I haven't had much success with. You might need him for links but I would not recommend him.
  • (RB) Cancelo: He was okay but not worth the price in my opinion. He did well defensively, but his dribbling and general feel on the ball disappointed me.
  • (RCB) Gomez: He did very well. He is so cheap compared to previous editions of FIFA's, so go and get him if you need him. Very quick and he pushes almost all attackers off the ball.
  • (LCB) Koundé: He was also very impressive. I was not sure if he would be good because of his height and strength, but he proved me wrong. He can get pushed off the ball unlike Gomez, but he felt faster and more agile.
  • (LB) IF Dest: One of my favorite cards in the team. He has H/L workrates which was a bit concerning, but his defensive positioning was never a problem even. So, so good at going forward and providing width in this formation.
  • (CDM) Allan: Great card. Maybe a bit overpriced but that is to be expected with a good Brazilian card from the Prem. He is not quick but not slow either, and his tackles are always on point. Unlike most other CDM's he is also very good on the ball.
  • (RCM) Modric: A magician. He scored a lot of goals for my team, and he is just so good on the ball, and will create a lot of chances and get into good positions. His biggest weakness is his defending.
  • (LCM) Firmino: The most disappointing card in the team. I thought he would be great as a CM in the 41212 (2), but he was just clunky. He offered very little offensively, and as expected he provided very little support defensively.
  • (CAM) Gomez: He is definitely good, but I do prefer a CAM's with a bit more size. He is quick and has great dribbling, but you can not get close to the oppositions defenders, because you will be pushed off the ball instantly.
  • (RS) Jesus: Not a fan. He did the job, but his 3* WF really did not help him. His dribbling was not as impressive as his stats suggest, and he felt quite sluggish.
  • (LS) Correa: One of my favorite cards this FIFA because he has everything you need in an attacker. He is quick, he has 4*4*, he has great dribbling and he even has a little bit of strength. Such a steal at 1,3k.


  • GK: Come for crosses
  • CB's: No changes
  • LB: Stay back while attacking
  • RB: No changes
  • CDM: Stay back while attacking, cover center
  • LCM: Get forward, cover wing
  • RCM: Cover wing
  • CAM: Stay forward
  • RS: No changes
  • LS: Target man


Formation review:
I absolutely love the 41212 (2) in FIFA 22. In other editions I have mainly used 352, but I am not a fan this year. I feel exposed defensively in the 352, and the offense does not feel as strong. If you find the right full-backs for this formation you will see how good it is. You can build up both centrally or out wide, and you will have a lot of passing options, and the central CAM and the two strikers will create a lot of problems for your opposition. If you are good at manually defending this could be a great formation for you, because there will be a lot of 1v1 situations, which also makes the game more entertaining in my opinion.


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