2-3-5 weekend league review (4-3-3(2))

This weekend I decided to try and run a heavily man city inspired custom tactics set up. I’m not the beat ever fifa player, I usually finish gold 3/2. This weekend I finished gold 2 but I had 7 games left to play Wich I usually don’t. Like I said this setup was heavily inspired by man city but it’s not a direct replica or anything.

This formation relies a lot on being able to toggle runs with lb and rb on Xbox and l2 and r2 on PS4. I’m not much of a skiller so for me it was more important to be able to pass and left stick dribble.

This formation is the type to use when u are better than or equal to you opponent in skill level but if ur opponent is way better it doesn’t work as well. So I guess I’ll get into what I played in game.

I lined up in a 4-3-3(2) in game but it converts into a 2-3-5 when you have possession and I’ll get into that in the player instructions.

My lineup: Gk: gold ederson Rcb: future stars fofana Lcb: fut birthday choudbury Rb: toty TAA Lb: simkgraven Lcm: PIM deco Cdm: guendouzi Rcm: neves Lw: Europa league rashford St: moments giroud Rw: fut birthday lucas

Custom tactics:

Defense: Press after possession loss. Depth 7 Width 8

Attacking: Possession Width 5 Players in box 8

Player instructions and archetypes:

Gk: comes for crosses and sweeper keeper. Goal keeper doesn’t really matter but I I like to have someone who’s decent with their feet for bulging out if the back.

Cb: I didn’t change anything here. In terms of ideal players I don’t think u need go have full backs here because I did fine without them but make sure they are good at defending and also have decent pase and passing. Rubén Díaz or kounde would probably be the ideal kinds of players here.

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Cdm: cut passing lanes and stay back while attacking. This position is critical because it’s the player that builds most of your possession but also has to shield the back two. Guendouzi was really good here but I think some other players that would work well would be Lucas Leiva or Marquinhos.

Rb: get forward and inverted runs. This is where things get interesting. Your rb inverts and becomes your rcm when you have the ball but when you lose the ball he goes back and plays rb. This player is really important so make sure it’s someone well rounded in every stat but also really fast because they are going to be defending in wide areas. Toty TAA is perfect but Joao cancelo or lahm work well too.

Lb: get forward and overlap. This fullback is essentially going to be playing as your lw in game. This player isn’t as important as your inverted full back but they should be good at dribbling and crossing. Ideal players would be davies or Jordi Alba.

Rcm: get forward, stay at the edge of the box, free roam and cover center. this player is essentially going to be playing as a 10 occupying the right half space and playing off of the st. This player will score you a lot of goals and get you a lot of assist. Ideal players would be David Silva, Bernardí Silva or zielinski.

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Lcm: get into the box for cross, balanced attacking support, cover center and stick to position. This player is your true box to box. Ideal players would be Renato Sánchez or Arturo Vidal.

Lw: cut inside, get into the box for cross, get in behind and come back on defense. This player is playing the same position as your rcm but slightly further up the field basically. Ideal players would be neymar or insigne.

Rw: stay wide, get into the box for cross, get in behind and come back on defense. This player is providing the width in your right hand side since your rb is playing as a cm and your rcm is playing as a cam. Ideal players would be salah or Lozano

St: stay central and target man. This player is playing kind of as a false 9 but further up the pitch. You want someone that can link up the play but also finish. Having someone strong is also really helpful. Ideal players would be Harry Kane, firmino or lewandowski.

That’s all of the custom tactics so I guess I’ll kind of try to explain it. Essentially what you are trying to do is have as many options as you can in the box for crosses and cut backs. You will have a lot of possession with this formation but it shouldn’t be playing around in the back it should be at the edge of your opponent box waiting fir the right oportunity. Your lcm and rb are really important played because they are the main ones circulating the ball but they will also score some long shots. You will concede a lot of goals because of the counter attack meta on this game but the main point is that you will score more and they won’t have many chances to score since you will dominate the ball. Also your rb doesn’t have to be the one inverting it can be your lb but if u switch the fullbacks around you also have to switch the rest of the team. Most important players to spend coins on would be your inverted full backs and the two attacking midfilders ie your cm and winger. Also don’t be afraid to put in a cross that’s one of the main ways you score or draw your opponents defenders out. Lmk what you guys think and any questions you have.



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