3-3-2-2 Formation guide (4321) Inspired by Pep Guardiola’s Man City

Hi guys. This is the first formation guide Ive done and wanted to share it with you guys after reaching Gold 1 with it for the first time in 2 consecutive weeks (20 wins and 22 wins).

Its heavily inspired by Pep Guardiolas City with a few tweaks to the 4321 formation. Its a very attacking (but not too ultra attacking) formation that relies on the user (you) knowing how to dribble and pass the ball well. I recommend using this formation if you are 1) chasing a game 2) In control of the tempo of the game 3) to get an aggressive early goal.

So the formation in-game itself is 4321 the Tree Formation. But why? 3322? Because thats exactly how it looks ingame when you are controlling the game.

Lets start with how my team looks currently. I have been inactive in the december-january period in FUT so my team might look a bit below the curve but its not too bad.

For chem purposes it starts 433(3). GK: Pope, RB: Klaiber, RCB: Wan-Bissaka 7 chem, LCB: Kante 7 chem, LB: Telles, RCDM: Base Gullit, LCDM: Base Blanc, CM: EOAE Rooney, RW: IF Wamangituka, ST: Mid Cantona, LW: FS Szoboszlai. Three main subs: POTM Haaland, Semedo, FB Chicha.

Ingame formation: 4321

  • GK:Pope. Sweeper Keeper, Comes for crosses. Just have whoever here honestly.

  • RB: AWB. Balanced attack. INVERTED attacking support. I think this is my weakest area ATM and will get a better RB when needed but for now AWB will do fine. He has 4 star skills and decent defending. As for instructions, the reason why its balanced instead of stay back is because I want my fullbacks to make options for me at times when everyone else is marked. As for inverted instructions. First of all, dont worry about your fullbacks turning into a full time CM if you make it inverted and ruining the formation. They will still make outside runs like a normal fullback. However what I noticed was when inverted, they tend to defend more on the midfield side of things whenever we lose the ball. This is useful when stopping the counters fast with speedy fullbacks and also gives my midfielders time to adjust back into position instead of chasing the opposition wingers. Ill explain this more when I talk team tactics.

  • CBs: Klaiber and Base Gullit. No instructions here. Just make sure your CBs are fast though. Thats why I play Klaiber here and he compliments Gullit nicely. Gullit doesnt have a good stamina and he has the best defensive stats among the other Gullits thats why he makes a perfect CB. Along with his body type. Honestly these two are super underrated part of my team and having these two play CB made my team monsters at bullying the opposition. Its especially nice against people who spam through balls and make counter attacks.

  • LB: Telles. Same as the RB.

  • RCM and LCM: Kante and Blanc. Drop between defenders. Stay outside box. Cover center. So here, these two are your teams defensive mids. Normally, in a 4321 the central mid is the CDM while the other LCM and RCM acts as a Box To box. Not here. Ive given defensive duties to both and both of them are on drop between defender instruction. What this means is they actually take turns becoming the third CB along with Gullit and Klaiber. When one is the CB the other one stays in midfield along with the fullbacks and does the dirty work of chasing after players.

  • CCM: Wayne Rooney. Get forward. Get in the box. Free roam. Cover center. The central mid here now becomes the CAM basically and is the brains of your whole operation. The beauty of making your CCM the attacking mid instead of the LCM or RCM is that when the CM gets forward he besically becomes the CAM in a formation where there is no CAM. Rooney in this case constantly bombs forward and makes himself available for passes. Because of him I am able to perfectly link my attack and defense. When its time to defend as a team he comes back and defends with the other CMs. But in attack it is really a revelation. Its basically a 4231 formation sometimes but even better because you have RF and LF instead of RAM and LAM. Allowing you to give insane amount of pressure to the opposition. The vital thing for the CCM is to have stamina and physical. Defending is a plus too. Thats why Rooney for me is perfect here. I reckon Renato or Vidal or Perisic would work good as well.

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RF and LF: Wamangituka and Szoboszlai. Stay Forward. Stay CENTRAL. Get in behind. I know these two arent the best compared to what you guys have (Neymar, Ronaldo, Mbappe etc) so if you have them play them here. They are my main source of goalscorers and setting them at Stay Forward and Stay central allows these two to basically be the strikers instead of my ST (who plays as a CF). Their role here is to just be at the end of passes, get through on goal and score. Pace is vital. Dribbling is vital. Shooting is also important but as much as the other two.

  • ST: Cantona. Stay Forward. Stay Central. False 9. So the reason why I have him as False 9 is his role here is to act as a secondary playmaker to Rooney. These two would find spaces, constantly move around and give goals to the strikers. Cantona is the more attacking one whereas Rooney has a more defensive duty basically. The reason why I have Cantona as stay forward is because him acting as a false 9 means he will already drop back to receive the ball a lot so I dont want him to get more defensive duties.

He and Rooney is the central focus of my team. Constantly linking attack and defense. Which is why I named this attack 3322. Gullit, Klaiber and one of Blanc or Kante is always the last 3 man incase a counter attack happens. The fullbacks shift to midfield to create the second 3. A line of midfield that sits just above the 3 defenders and protects them. Then we have the first line of 2. That is Rooney and Cantona. The creative brains who compliment each other and link up the play. Then we have the last 2. Szoboszlai and Wamangituka. Who are tasked with being the end product.

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Now custom tactics.


  • Width: 4-5. Dont have it high at all since you will leave a hole in your midfield. 4 allows your defense to be compact. Especially compliments your fullbacks inverted attacking instruction.

  • Depth: 5. Five is honeslty just fine. Your team will still pressure the opposition well but never be too far ahead to leave people unmarked.

  • Press after possession loss. This compliments your inverted fullbacks really well. When attacking they are sort of placing themselves as a RCM and LCM. So if you lose the ball they will be the ones to try and pressure the opposition while the back 3 maintains their shape. It also allows your speedy CBs like Klaiber to be hyper aggressive when losing the ball and giving you a quick turnaround. Also since all 3 of your attackers are at stay forward, PAPL will let them have a defensive duty of pressuring the opposition defenders if they lose the ball in the final third.


  • Width: 5. Leave as is. Neutral shape when attacking. It also allows your players to just follow instructions.

  • Get in box: 6-7. When you are attacking you want your players to swarm the box. 6-7 depth allows you to have options everywhere. Rooney will get into the box when it s free. Cantona will make runs. It makes your RF and LF always be inside the box to receive passes.

  • Possession: And here finally is the bread and butter of your whole operation. Since the shape of the formation is a bit hectic possession allows your players stick closeby to each other and always be open for passes. Dont worry about it making the attack slow or anything. Your strikers have get in behind so they will always be looking to make runs if possible. But if it is not possible then no worries, because your players will constantly move around to make space for each other. It allows Rooney and Cantona to form the 2 of the 3322 and stick close to each other. It also makes for easier defending since when you lose the ball all your players will be nearby, ready to pressure to get the ball back immediately.

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So yeah thats the formation. Its not perfect but I certainly think it’s something fresh and a lot of fun mostly! Please let me know what you think


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