30 Squad Weekend League! Part 2 (Saturday Games)

See Part 1 for my first 10 squads!

After a 3-7 start, and my weakest squads mostly behind me, I felt a bit better about Saturday's games…

Game 11 – Mexico (L 5-6 ET)

Goals – Chicharito Chicharito Chicharito Jimenez Dos Santos

Assists – Jimenez Chicharito Cordova


I missed out on Dos Santos because I forgot what day he expired. Too bad too, because he was soooo cheap. I didn't miss out on Chicharito though. This game was frustrating. I was up 2-1 and went down 4-2 76 minutes in. I thought I was done, but goals in the 88th and 90th minute forced extra time. He went ahead in the 105th, and I tied it again in the 111th, before finally losing in the 118th.

Game 12 – MLS (W 4-3)

Goals – Bojan Higuain Chicharito Damm

Assists – Gyau Lima


Back in the win column with my MLS squad. Attack was a lot of fun…that Higuain is a solid, solid card. I got a late winner here in the 87th with Bojan.

Game 13 – Champions League (W 6-5 ET)

Goals – Hwang Hee Chan Hwang Hee Chan Correa Coman Coman Kampl

Assists – Hwang Hee Chan Correa Correa Promes Promes Lazzari

Champions League

This squad was of course inspired by the Icon Swaps objectives we've seen. It's not the best, and I realized while in game I could've easily used Gulacsi instead of Nubel…or Kehrer instead of Kimpembe.

This game was one I probably did not deserve. I went down 5-3 in the 81st minute. I switched to a Constant Pressure 4-2-2-2 and pulled one back with Coman, before tying the game with him in the 92nd minute. I got the winner from Hwang Hee Chan (what a legend) in the 114th. This squad also featured one of my favorite objective cards this year, Correa. I can't imagine how good he would've been with even one more upgrade.

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Game 14 – EFL Championship (L 3-4)

Goals – Armstrong Armstrong King

Assists – Rooney Rooney Rooney

EFL Championship

Forgive the Fullbacks at Center Back people…slim pickings for good ones in the Championship. Ugh…this was a really bad game defensively. I went down 3-0 19 minutes in, and couldn't claw my way back. I really wish Armstrong had gotten his WIF upgrade…

Game 15 – Portugal (L 2-3)

Goals – Jota Neves

Assists – Ronaldo Podence


We enter the Top 9 Nations with my weakest of the 9. Bruno is a beast, and Neves is an incredible box to box. Defense was suspect, but I was still tied 2-2 and expecting extra time…2 minutes of added time, and I cleared the zone at the 2 minute mark. For some reason the game continued, and my opponent got the ball into the box 1 on 2. I cleared it…right back to his striker, who put the ball in on the last kick of the game. Gutted.

Game 16 – Eredivisie (W 6-3)

Goals – Danilo Kohlert Kohlert Kohlert Robben van Bergen

Assists – Danilo Kohlert Gravenberch van Bergen van Bergen


So many good cards in the Eredivisie this year! I didn't do Klaiber or Neres…and I still am pretty happy with my squad. Kohlert's solid, and of course Van Bergen and Robben. Comfortable win here.

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Game 17 – Spain (W 7-3)

Goals – Gaya Gaya Gaya Bojan Bojan Bojan Capa

Assists – Gaya Gaya Bojan Bojan Oyarzabal Oyarzabal Deulofeu


Back during Freeze, I remember doing Gaya for one reason…my Spanish/La Liga strikers were all awful. Gaya's a pretty fun card to use…and pairs well with the multitude of Spanish objective players. A useable Busquets is great…and Puyol's first game with my team was quite good. His slower pace was not as bad as I feared. Comfortable win here.

Game 18 – Netherlands (L 3-4)

Goals – Robben Robben Gravenberch

Assists – Gravenberch Malen Malen


I was so excited to use this squad. Huntelaar was sooooo good for me during the Bundesliga Icon Swaps, but he let me down here. Robben good as usual. I changed things around in game when my offense struggled in the first half…moving Robben to LM, Sinkgraven to LB, and Malen to CAM. Gave up an 84th minute winner, a good play by my opponent.

Game 19 – Argentina (L 3-4)

Goals – Higuain Lautro Dybala

Assists – Dybala Messi Higuain


…Yeah. This team is obviously loaded on the attack…with ZERO defense. That turned out to be a mistake…haha. I regret not picking Senesi for my season objective. Pastore is great, Benedetto…isn't. I actually subbed in Parades for Benedetto so I could have at least one decent defensive player in the squad. Still gave this game a run, but I certainly didn't deserve it.

Game 20- Italy (W 3-2)

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Goals – Caputo Caputo Bernardeschi

Assists – Zola Tonali Bernardeschi


My last game of the night was certainly interesting. Zola and Baggio were my first two Icons this year (First SBC and Swaps 1). Caputo and Torregrossa are solid up top, and Tonali is a monster. I was down 2-0 for most of the game, before switching to an all out attacking formation with Caputo and Baggio up top. It paid off, and I scored in the 75th, 77th, and 84th minute to steal a win.

Saturday went better than Friday…I went 5-5, for a total record through 20 games of 8-12…I went into Sunday feeling very confident about getting Silver 1 (my realistic goal for the weekend), with an outside shot at Gold 3…stay tuned until tomorrow for the final 10 squads!


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