30 Squad Weekend League! Part 3 (Sunday Games)

See Part 1 and Part 2 for my first 20 squads!

Sunday came around and I was sitting at 8-12. Before the weekend started, I expected myself to be able to get Silver 1, which I felt was a reasonable goal as a Gold 2 player. Being only 3 wins away from that with my best squads, I upped my goal to a Gold 3 finish, which required a 6-4 result on Sunday…totally doable.

Let's get into it!

Game 21 – Germany (W 4-0)

Goals – Waldschmidt Wakdschmidt Waldschmidt Kimmich

Assists – Kohlert Kohlert Kohlert


I saved 300ish packs for TOTY and was lucky enough to get Kimmich untradeable…so I was excited to use this squad. It features 3 of my main team's players, and as I expected, led to a comfortable 4-0 win. Kohlert's quite good for a free card as well.

Game 22 – Brazil (W 5-2)

Goals – Neymar Rodrygo Rodrygo Reinier Kaka

Assists – Kaka Danilo Marquinhos Rodrygo Rodrygo


One of two nations squads to feature 2 icons. I crafted Kaka during TOTY, and pulled Prime Carlos out of my Swaps 2 Prime or Moments pack. Neymar I nabbed untradeable back in October (told ya I was lucky this year..,). Fun, fun team to use, even if the defense was mildly underwhelming.

Game 23 – England (L 3-6)

Goals – Rooney Grealish Armstrong

Assists – Rooney Armstrong


This game was closer than the final scoreline would suggest…I was down 4-3 with 20 minutes to go, before giving up 2 goals late. Rooney has been a contender for favorite card this year. So much fun to use whether up top or as a box to box.

Game 24 – France (W 6-2)

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Goals – Giroud Giroud Giroud Martial Fofana Fofana

Assists – Martial Giroud Henry Henry Kounde Kounde


With the loss last game, I now needed to win out to scrape a Gold 2 finish. I didn't expect it, but it got off to a good start here with my last nation specific squad, securing my original goal of Silver 1. 7 of these cards were "free" objective cards…and some of them are QUITE good. Giroud's incredible on the attack, and Mollet is underrated. Defensively Fofana and Kounde are great, as is Guendouzi. Amavi's the only non-first owner in the bunch here. Henry obviously the big one, pulled him from the Icon Player Pick.

Game 25 – La Liga (W 7-4)

Goals – Isak Isak Suarez Messi Messi Messi Messi

Assists – Isak Isak Messi Messi Messi Rodrygo

La Liga

We hit the Top 5 leagues with La Liga first up. Remember farther up, when I said Rooney has been my favorite card this year? Yeah….that was the case until Player of the Month Messi. I was on the fence with doing him, as he starts out of position in my Weekend League team…but he's out of this world. 4 goals, 3 assists this game, including a couple absolute worldies.

I was actually behind 4-2 at the half before 5 goals in 23 minutes. Crazy game.

Game 26 – Bundesliga (W 7-2)

Goals – Huntelaar Huntelaar Jovic Jovic Jovic Kimmich Sancho

Assists – Huntelaar Huntelaar Jovic Coman Guendouzi Kimmich Kimmich


I remember being a bit meh about pulling Jovic from a player pick during What If…but he's very, very good. Fun team, pretty easy game…nobody's getting past that midfield.

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Game 27 – Premier League (W 4-4, 7-6 Penalties)

Goals – Giroud Giroud Neves Ziyech

Assists – Fernandes Giroud Jota

Premier League

Kinda surprised it took until Game 27 to go to Penalties! This was a nailbiter of a game…I was down late and Giroud tied it up in the 83rd minute. I then went down in extra time before Ziyech (my Ones to Watch preorder player) tied it off the bench. Was down in the penalty shootout before coming back to win and securing Gold 3 with 3 games to go!

Game 28 – Serie A (W 5-3)

Goals – Caputo Caputo Perisic Pastore Pastore

Assists – Captuo Lautro Perisic Romagnoli

Serie A

FUT Birthday Perisic was my 3rd highest value packed player this year (behind Kimmich and Neymar) and it shows. The guy is soooo good. Midfield is strong here with Tonali and Pastore. I was actually down 3-1 in this game before roaring back and getting a rage quit…keeping my Gold 2 hopes alive.

Game 29 – Ligue 1 (L 3-4)

Goals – Weah Payet Payet

Assists – Weah Payet

Ligue 1

Sadly, the dream died one game later. I should've learned from my Argentina game that Benedetto was disappointing and put Weah in much, much sooner. I was down 4-0 before halftime and despite getting 3 goals in 10 minutes early in the second half, I couldn't complete the comback in the last half hour…

Game 30 – Pompey XI (W 2-0)

Goals – Messi Henry

Assists – Rooney Dest

Pompey XI

And finally we wrapped it up with my normal Weekend League team. This is by far the best team I've ever had in FUT, and this is also the first year I've run an RTG. So much fun to use. Key upgrade during TOTS will be Left Center Back, though Volland is a great card. The game was a bit anticlimactic, as I went up 2-0 early and forced a rage quit.

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That game me a record on the day of 8-2, and a total overall Weekend League record of 16-14, just missing out on my normal Gold 2 finish. (I did get the extra WL+ player pick though!)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading through these posts as much as I enjoyed the weekend. I'm excited to add to these squads (And perhaps create a couple new ones) during TOTS, and hopefully do this again after TOTS ends!

I'll keep the cards for now…but if EA releases a repeatable Moments SBC this summer, I think i'll probably, finally use them all up and see what I can get. Until then! 🙂


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