352 Guide From An Elite 1 Player | REMASTERED For Fifa 21


Last year, I wrote a guide for the 352 tactics I use to earn Elite finishes in the weekend league. I was surprised by how much all of you liked it and I've been receiving some requests for a FIFA 21 reprisal.


Three weekends into Fifa 21, I have achieved three straight Elite finishes (two Elite 2s and one Elite 2 that should have been an Elite 1 if not for a thunderstorm, a tree, and a powerline deciding to do the horizontal mambo) and I am rather confident in putting out this Fifa 21 Remastered 352 Guide. I have made some big changes and I will be sure to cover all of them below. I am going to use a format similar to the one I used previously.

First and foremost, No, this is not a Drop Back meta-slave setup and once again, this is a VERY lengthy guide in which I will cover player types to use, instructions, tactics, and more. I spent a good amount of time working on this, so if there is anything I did not cover and you have questions please feel free to ask me! Cheers!

Table of Contents

  1. Miscellaneous things to know before you start and FAQs.
  2. Why I like the 352 over the 4231 and 442.
  3. Custom tactics and why you need at least 3 different setups.
  4. Instructions for each position.
  5. Player Archetypes for each position in my 352.
  6. Chemistry Styles
  7. Substitution Philosophy.
  8. My play style.
  9. Tips for making the change to the 352.
  10. The teams I have used thus far and my pre-toty target.
  11. Closing Remarks

1. Miscellaneous things to know before you start and FAQs.

  • This guide is best viewed in a web browser due to the use of bulleted lists and indentations.
  • Changing to the 352 will not automatically make you go from Gold 3 to Gold 1, Gold 1 to Elite 3, etc. Like anything in this life, it takes practice.
  • I am not a pro, streamer, nor youtuber. I am a regular dude who happens to like playing Fifa, a lot. I don't have any gameplay videos saved.
  • You will lose games against opponents using the 4231 and 442. The 352 is not a miracle cure.
  • Contrary to popular belief, defending with attackers has been severely nerfed this year.
  • Do not try to use Adama as a wide mid thinking that his pace and strength will make up for his lack of defending. You will get exploited.
  • A 4 star weak foot is not all that weak.
  • AI defending did not get a buff and AI blocks aren't as difficult to contend with as you may think (although, they are frustrating as hell when they happen)
  • Beating team press is very easy and it's honestly just fun to exploit. I will explain why and how in this guide.
  • With the addition of the Creative Runs, EA has severely nerfed the natural off-the-ball runs your own AI perform. For this reason, I highly recommend that you never use Balanced as your offensive mentality for any squad you are running, be it 352 or other.
  • My camera angle is the Co-op angle.
  • Interestingly, EA has added a new hidden change with respect to positional instructions that makes the 352 even more deadly. In the past, if two players swapped naturally during the run of play due to some circumstance (ie, your CDMs flip, your CAM and RCAM flip, etc), they kept the instructions of their original spot. Not this year. If your LCDM and RCDM flip spots naturally during the course of play, they will also flip their instructions. This is important for a scenario where you place complimentary instructions on your CDMs. That is, if you have your LCDM on stay back and your RCDM on get forward and you somehow dragged your LCDM forward, your RCDM will stay back rather than still getting forward like his instruction tells him to do. This is new and a very welcome change.
  • Big thanks to u/El-Buncho and his idea for some of the graphics I used in this guide

2. Why I Like the 352 Over the 4231 and 442.

Let's take a look at how the 352 matches up against the two meta formations. On defense, the 352 has 3 CBs, 2 wingbacks, and 2 CDMs for a total of 7 eligible defenders to contend with your opponent's attack. Stop thinking of your eligible defenders as separate positions. On Defense, you have 7 Defenders and their sole job is to win the ball back. Don't be afraid to pull players out of position. Don't overdo it, though.

  • 4231 – This formation has 4 attackers, 2 CDMs, and 4 defenders.
    • When you are defending against the 4231, it is very likely that your opponent has gone full meta and is using stay back on their CDMs and fullbacks. This means they have 4 attackers and 2 holding midfielders. The holding midfielders aren't a threat to do much so you don't really need to worry about them all that much. You have 7 defenders to contend with 4 attackers, 6 attackers if they use their CDMs more aggressively. Your wide midfielders can man mark the LCAM and RCAM. Your two CDMs focus on their CAM and Striker. And your 3 CBs are gravy here. Literally cleaning up anything that gets through. (but u/wahoos22, what if they're just passing around with their CDMs and CBs? You can harass the opponent CDMs with your CAM and CBs with your strikers, if needed).
  • 442 – This formation has 2 attackers, 2 wingers, and 2 CMs.
    • When you are defending against the 442, it is very likely that your opponent has gone full meta and is using stay back on their fullbacks and at least 1 of their CMs. This means that they have 5 attackers, 6 if they let both of their CMs get forward. In the 442, the CMs are much more of a threat than in the 4231. Your wide midfielders can mark the opponent LM and RM. Your two CDMs mark against their two CMs, and your 3 CBs take care of the 2 strikers. The more meta your opponent is, the less players going forward you will have to contend with and the easier it is to defend against.

Going on the attack, the 352 is overwhelming without leaving you caught out. This will be covered more in the My Play Style section.

3. Custom Tactics and Why You Need at Least 3 Different Setups

This play style requires 3 (sometimes 4) different setups. A standard play setup, a come from behind setup, a hold on for the win setup, and a my-352-isn't-working-this-game setup (yes it will happen. sometimes you just need some variety to break down a very strong defensive opponent). Below is a text version of the tactics with some explanations on why I choose what I choose. If you would like a visual version, please refer to these links:

Standard Play: Use this when the game is tied, or you are up/down by only 1 or 2 goals. Basically, use this when it's a close match.

  • Defensive Style — Balanced
    • Width — 4 out of 10
    • Depth — 4 out of 10
  • Offensive Style — Long Ball (Last year, I used both Long Ball and Fast Build Up. This year, EA has changed the way your team comes back on defense when using Fast Build Up. Specifically, your players will be out of position more often, which is in line with the Fast Build Up description. For this reason, I no longer recommend it as an option.)
    • Width — 8/9 out of 10
    • Players In Box — 5/6/7 out of 10 (This will vary based on the natural off the ball movement of your players. Test it out for yourself.)
    • Corners — 1 out of 5
    • Free Kicks — 1 out of 5

Come From Behind: Use this when you are down late and need a quick comeback. Be careful when using this setup as you are throwing the kitchen sink at your opponent and are very susceptible to counters.

  • Defensive Style — Balanced (Last year, I recommended Constant Pressure here. With the addition of Team Press, Constant Pressure is no longer worth it and actually only serves to drag your team out of position. For this reason, I no longer recommend it as an option.)
    • Width — 5 out of 10
    • Depth — 9 out of 10 (10 out of 10 just feels glitched for some reason, again)
  • Offensive Style — Long Ball (Last year, I used both Long Ball and Fast Build Up. This year, EA has changed the way your team comes back on defense when using Fast Build Up. Specifically, your players will be out of position more often, which is in line with the Fast Build Up description. For this reason, I no longer recommend it as an option.)
    • Width — 10 out of 10
    • Players In Box — 10 out of 10
    • Corners — 5 out of 5
    • Free Kicks — 5 out of 5

Hold The Lead: Use this when you are up late and need to hold on. Don't abuse it or use it for extended periods of play as DDA will kick in and you will concede.

  • Defensive Style — Drop Back (But u/wahoos22, you said it wasn't gonna be a drop back meta??? It's not. This is a legitimate strategy that should be employed toward the end of a match you are winning, especially against an opponent who is clearly better than you.)
    • Width — 3 out of 10
    • Depth — 3 out of 10
  • Offensive Style — Possession (Your goal here is to hold on, not to score. Last year, I recommended both Possession and Balanced. EA changed the way your team's natural off-the-ball runs happen. Balanced is extremely static this year. For this reason, I no longer recommend Balanced.)
    • Width — 4 out of 10
    • Players In Box — 1 out of 10
    • Corners — 1 out of 5
    • Free Kicks — 1 out of 5

My 352 Isn't Working: Use this when you just can't seem to create any scoring opportunities. I switch to this for about 1 opponent every weekend only. 4222 with the same Tactics as Standard Play.

4. Instructions for Each Position

Some of the positions below will have more than one set of instructions. This makes more sense given the context of section 3, immediately preceding this section.

Goalkeeper: With how powerful through balls have become this installment of Fifa, proper goalkeeper instructions are very important. Not to mention that crossing is back.

  • Saving on Crosses — Comes for Crosses
  • Saving Outside Box — Sweeper Keeper

Centerbacks: Don't touch anything.

  • Attacking Support — Stay Back While Attacking
  • Interceptions — Normal Interceptions (You can choose Aggressive Interceptions here, but be warned: your defenders will tire faster and will make some great interceptions but can get caught out of position more easily. I don't think its worth it. Do not use Conservative Interceptions or Neymar will have a laugh at you as they prance around your back line.)

Center Defensive Midfielders: Depending on your ability to defend well manually with your CBs, you can be more or less aggressive here. You will/may need 3 different sets of instructions here. If you are a weaker manual defender, you may want to use the Hold The Lead instructions in all setups for more security at the back. Be honest with yourself and your abilities.

  • Standard Play — Keeping in line with the philosophy of Standard Play, your CDMs need to be jack of all trades. You'll want your balanced CDM to Cover Center so that he doesn't drift wide while tracking back. Your CDM that stays back will want to Cover Wing to backup your wide mids. If one is caught out, the CDM will drift wide to cover that spot and your CCB can step forward as your LCB and RCB pinch inward. Defensive Awareness stat is very important this year for this reason.
    • LCDM (or RCDM, just pick one)
      • Defensive Behavior — Cut Passing Lanes
      • Attacking Support — Balanced
      • Interceptions — Normal Interceptions
      • Defensive Position — Cover Center
    • RCDM (or whichever one you didn't do first)
      • Defensive Behavior — Cut Passing Lanes
      • Attacking Support — Stay Back While Attacking
      • Interceptions — Normal Interceptions
      • Defensive Position — Cover Wing
  • Come From Behind
    • Both CDMs
      • Defensive Behavior — Cut Passing Lanes
      • Attacking Support — Get Forward
      • Interceptions — Aggressive Interceptions
      • Defensive Position — Cover Center
  • Hold The Lead
    • Both CDMs
      • Defensive Behavior — Cut Passing Lanes
      • Attacking Support — Stay Back While Attacking
      • Interceptions — Normal Interceptions
      • Defensive Position — Cover Center

Wide Midfielders: These players are the workhorses of your squad. They won't score often and they won't register many assists, but if you skimp on these positions, you will get exploited. Your wide mids need to be able to defend. No, they don't need to body players like VVD, but they do need to do the job well. Outside of that, you can choose to go the pacey route or the technical route. At the early stage of the game, I recommend pacey as it is more forgiving, especially for those switching to the formation for the first time.

  • Standard Play
    • Defensive Support — Come Back On Defense
    • Chance Creation — Balanced Width (Last year, I also recommended Free Roam here. With the addition of Creative Runs and the nerf to AI runs, I no longer recommend this.)
    • Support Runs — Balanced (Last year, I recommended Get In Behind here. I did this because we were also using Fast Build Up. With the nerf — more of a correction than a nerf — to Fast Build Up, we no longer need Get In Behind because of the Long Ball mentality.)
    • Support on Crosses — Balanced (Last year I recommended Stay On Edge Of Box For Cross. I stated that the reason for this was "because the game is weird and the Stay on Edge instruction helps to stop your players from over-running passes." Given that EA has fixed that beyond stupid overrunning mechanic, this is no longer necessary and we can use the much more logical Balanced option.)
    • Interceptions — Normal Interceptions
  • Come From Behind
    • Both LM and RM
      • Defensive Support — Stay Forward
      • Chance Creation — Stay Wide
      • Support Runs — Get In Behind
      • Support on Crosses — Get Into Box For Cross
      • Interceptions — Normal Interceptions
  • Hold The Lead
    • Both LM and RM
      • Defensive Support — Come Back on Defense
      • Chance Creation — Balanced
      • Support Runs — Come Short
      • Support on Crosses — Stay On Edge of Box For Cross
      • Interceptions — Normal Interceptions

Central Attacking Midfielder: Once again, your CAM is your most important player and will score the majority of your goals. His instructions are the same in all setups. It may sound strange, but this really is your best player. He will not only score the most goals, but will have the most assists. (But u/wahoos22, that doesn't make any sense! Your CAM should be the creator for the strikers!?!? Normally you'd be right. More on why in the My Play Style section).

  • Defensive Support — Stay Forward
  • Support On Crosses — Balanced (Last year, I recommended Stay On Edge Of Box For Cross. I stated that the reason for this was "because the game is weird and the Stay on Edge instruction helps to stop your players from over-running passes." Given that EA has fixed that beyond stupid overrunning mechanic, this is no longer necessary and we can use the much more logical Balanced option.)
  • Positioning Freedom — Free Roam or Stick To Position (This depends on the natural off-the-ball movement of your CAM. Test it out for yourself. I tend to like Stick To Position better this year. Just don't use Drift Wide. It's trash for your CAM.)
  • Interceptions — Conservative Interceptions (Lower stamina players will not tire as quickly with Conservative instructions. If stamina isn't an issue, you can use Normal).

Strikers: Again, it may sound strange, but these players are more creators than goal scorers (but having absolute rockets of shots here doesn't hurt!). This year, you need at least one striker that is good in the air. More on why in section 7.

  • Standard Play and Come From Behind
    • Left Striker — A playmaker and space creator
      • Support Runs — Drift Wide (Last year, I recommended Stay Central on the Left Striker. With the addition of Creative Runs and the nerf to AI runs, I have experimented and found that Drift Wide on both strikers results in a much more dynamic and mobile front line. I recommend either Balanced or Drift Wide, but never Stay Central unless you're using a player like Ibrahimovic or Giroud, who are just slower than drying paint.)
      • Attacking Runs — Balanced (Last year, I had a firm recommendation for Balanced on the Left Striker. This year, I no longer have a hard recommendation. Similar to the CAM, this instruction will depend on the natural movement of your chosen player. Test it out for yourself.)
      • Interceptions — Conservative Interceptions or Normal Interceptions
      • Defensive Support — Stay Forward
    • Right Striker — A playmaker and space creator
      • Support Runs — Drift Wide
      • Attacking Runs — Get In Behind
      • Interceptions — Conservative Interceptions or Normal Interceptions
      • Defensive Support — Stay Forward
  • Hold The Lead
    • Both Strikers
      • Support Runs — Balanced
      • Attacking Runs — False-9
      • Interceptions — Conservative Interceptions or Normal Interceptions
      • Defensive Support — Come Back On Defense

5. Player Archetypes for Each Position in My 352

A player archetype simply means the type of player I aim to use in each position. My top choice in each section will be bolded. Note that just because a player is my top choice doesn't mean I am currently using them. Also, note that I will not be bolding any icons here because that wouldn't be useful information. I will give cheap (under 100k), middle of the road (under 500k), and expensive (500k+) options for each position. Please keep in mind that these are examples of players you can use. Some are better value for coins in terms of what they provide to your team versus the costs to buy them. For instance, Cancelo is probably a better option over Walker for RM — not only will Cancelo be better as a RM and is cheaper, but also NIF Walker is better suited for an outside CB role in the 352.

  • Goalkeepers
    • Literally whatever you want. Goalkeepers are a feel type of thing. I like Neuer
  • CBs – Try to get a Lefty at LCB (or at least 3 star weak foot Righty) and put the least agile CB you have at the CCB position
    • Klosterman, Laimer, Manolas, Alaba, Diego Carlos, Koulibaly, Llorente, Valverde, Zakaria, IF Delaney
    • VVD, Joe Gomez, Varane, NIF Walker, Mendy, Rule Breaker Laporte
    • IF Walker, 85 Ferdinand, 92 Maldini, 87 Carlos Alberto
  • CDMs
    • Alaba, Llorente, Valverde, Zakaria, Fred, Wijnaldum, IF Delaney
    • Kante, Pogba, Baby Lahm, KDB, IF Sanches
    • Gullit (mid or prime when it comes out), Zidane (mid or prime when it comes out)
  • LM/RMs
    • Davies, IF Florenzi, IF Corona, Jordi Alba, Atal, Cancelo, Cuadrado, Hakimi, Gosens
    • Mendy, Walker
    • Zambrotta, Roberto Carlos, Ashley Cole
  • CAM
    • Reus, Carrasco, Dembele, Ben Yedder (Eww), Dybala, IF Depay, Griezmann, Hazard, Mertens, League Objective Mollet, Bobby
    • RuleBreaker Reus, KDB, Salah, Mane, Son, Rule Breaker Costa, IF Bobby, RuleBreaker Costa, POTM Fati,
    • Neymar, Messi, Cruyff
  • Strikers
    • Lewa, Haaland, Carrasco, Ben Yedder (Eww), Sterling, Sane, Aguero, Richarlison, Rodrigo, IF Depay, Vardy, Mertens, Jesus
    • Rashford, Salah, Mane, Werner, IF Lewa, Aubameyang, RuleBreaker Lukaku, POTM Fati,
    • CR7, Mbappe, Messi, R9

6. Chemistry Styles

I will outline the typical chemistry styles I use for each position. Just because I typically use a certain style, doesn't mean I always do so. There are exceptions to every rule.

  • Goalkeepers
    • Eh? Basic is fine. Glove too
  • CBs
    • Depending on the CB, you'll likely want shadow
      • At this stage, you can get away with Catalyst on some of the top tier defenders as they don't need the defending boost and the pace boost is the same (VVD for example)
    • If its a player like Walker, I'd use Anchor over Sentinel
      • I am a firm believer that Anchor is always better than Sentinel — and it's not for the pace boost either. I like the defensive boosts of Anchor better than Sentinel
  • CDMs
    • Shadow, Catalyst, or Engine
      • Physicality is important in the midfield but Pace is more important to ensure they can track back quickly enough to be in position
  • Wide Mids
    • Hunter or Catalyst
      • I typically use Fullbacks as my Wide Mids and they typically have high enough defending that they don't need a boost. If your Wide Mid already has around 75 defending, don't worry about boosting their defending.
      • I am using Gladiator on Davies
  • CAM
    • This varies wildly.
    • Hunter on Neymar, Artist on CR7, Catalyst on Ben Yedder, Finisher on Depay, etc
      • plz don't run cr7 at CAM
  • Strikers
    • Hunter, Finisher, Engine

7. Substitution Philosophy

Your subs are different when running the 352. In order to dominate the entire match, you will want to bring on a new LM and RM at around the 60th to 65th minute (Workhorses remember?). That only leaves you with 1 more sub. This is where it's entirely up to you. I have 4 subs on my bench. 2 wide mids, one attacker, and one defender. If I have a rather large lead and feel I don't need to attack voraciously, I will sub off my more attacking CDM for my defensive CDM (if any of my CBs or CDMs has a yellow, I will sub them off instead for the added security of not getting a red card). If I am not all that confident in my ability to just hold the lead, I will sub off whichever attacker feels the most sluggish and in need of a breather. If you get to the point that your attackers are Neymar, Mbappe, and CR7, well congrats! Never sub them off lol

8. My play style

I will save you some time here. Not much has changed in the play style department. Feel free to re-read as a refresher. In this section, changes from last year have been bolded for easy reference.

It's all about Triangles. You have them everywhere. You should aim not take more than 2 touches before passing it off. This obviously doesn't include when you've played the ball in behind to your wide mids.

One touch passes between your LM-LCDM-LCB and its right side equivalent will draw out your opponent's forward RCAM allowing you to get in behind the RCAM and in front of the fullback. Now you can look to either the LM-CAM-LST or LM-LCDM-CAM triangles (or their right side equivalents) to do the same to beat the fullback and get in behind.

If your opponent catches on to this and begins to overload that side or manually pull players out of position to defend it, you can start to do the one touch passes between the LM-LCDM-LCB but instead of playing it forward to the LM, you can switch the play to the RM who will be in behind the opposing fullback due to your opponent's defensive slide.

You can also play the LCDM-RCDM-CCB and LCDM-RCDM-CAM triangles to do the same. The ideal situation here results in one of your CDMs making a forward run and receiving a pass. Then you play the ball off to one of your strikers. By now, your CAM has made an unmarked run from deep. You lay the ball off for an uncontested shot on goal.

You can play the ball in behind to your Right Striker (if he's truly in on goal, take the shot). He will likely be slightly out wide to the right and have pulled the opponent's LCB out with him. Your Left Striker will move centrally to look for a pass pulling the opponent's RCB to the middle of the field. Now, you are looking for one of two scenarios. The opponent's right fullback will either move centrally to mark your CAM or he will stay wide to mark your LM. Either way, you've created an unmarked player you can pass the ball off to for either a shot or a ground cross.

If you can't create any easy shots and your opponent is sitting on the top of their box blocking everything, that's why you have two well-rounded CDMs and why Creative Runs have been added. Practice making use of the Creative Run mechanic to 1) make a custom run to play a pass or 2) make a custom run to clear some space for you to dribble. Also, interplay between your CDMs, your CAM, and your Wide Mids will eventually draw your opponent out resulting in an opportunity to play into one of the strikers for a shot.

Don't forget that crossing is back.

Don't forget your standard interplay between your front trio. Give-and-go's are always great.

With the addition of the Team Press mechanic, you need a consistent and safe way to beat that press. As you may have noticed, the Team Press mechanic is essentially a command to "go man mark tight like you're playing one-on-one basketball." It's extremely effective against an opponent that panics. If you have at least one striker who is good in the air (CR7, Haaland, Lewa, Lukaku, Giroud lol, Rashford with Marksman, etc) essentially you have a free attempt at goal waiting for you. As soon as you see the team press coming, immediately pass back all the way to your CBs or even keeper. You're trying to draw your opponent in to your half. Then, play a lobbed pass up to your striker, head it down to your CAM/other Striker and you've got an instant goal scoring opportunity.

When you lose the ball, your CDMs and CBs will already be behind the ball. That's 5 defenders to your opponent's 4. Then, your LM and RM will immediately back track due to their Come Back on Defense Instructions. Now you have 7 behind the ball (but high up the pitch) compared to your opponents max of 6.

The more you play with the formation, the more you will understand how to draw your opponents out rather than just playing in behind to ASM and Adama in the 4231 and hopping you get a shot off.

9. Tips for Making the Change to the 352

Wow, you've made it this far. Thank you for reading the Remastered version of my guide! Here is a short list of suggestions on how to make the change to the 352 from whatever formation you currently play.

  • Don't play any passes you aren't 100% sure will connect. You should aim for 90%+ pass accuracy each game. Looking at my losses in weekend league, they all have 1 thing in common: below 90% pass accuracy.
  • Get players with high dribbling stats until you learn the ins and outs. This will allow you to hold the ball if you can't find passes right away
  • Don't be afraid to just stand still with your CDM if your opponent is just sitting on their box. Eventually, they'll get frustrated, press you, and leave an open pass for you to make
  • Be patient. Don't sprint (sprint less)
  • Practice in Squad Battles on Ultimate. The AI cheats, especially with that B.S. competitive setting that was added this year. But if you can pass around the AI on Ultimate, you can pass against a real person who is actually capable of making mistakes.
  • Try to think outside the box on your passes. Play a lobbed pass (square on PS4, X on xbox) from your RCB to your LCDM, for instance
  • Don't be afraid to pass all the way back to your CBs and your keeper. Resetting is often helpful in luring out your opponent's defense.

10. The teams I have used thus far and my pre-TOTY target

  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3
    • Elite 2 (should really have been elite 1. My power went out in game 30 while I was on 26 wins and was leading 3-1)
  • Pre-TOTY Target Squad (the icons in this squad are just placeholders for icons earned from Icon Swaps, an obvious caveat here is that promo cards that have yet to be released may shift what my goal is)
    • Pre-game
    • In-game
    • 4222 example
      • Using the same players for when you need some variation to break down your opponent. Here you can see how I would line up without making subs.
      • If you can, you'd use your attacking substitute to fill out one of the wide CAMs

11. Closing Remarks

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading. I am not a pro fifa player, I'm not a youtuber or twitch streamer. I just play fifa. I really hate that people feel pigeon-holed into using a meta formation. That is why I am continuing to share my 352 tactics with all of you. I will try to respond to as many comments as I can. Thanks again!

Now, go and burn the meta!


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