90% of this subreddit does not realize all of FIFAs issues are exclusively due to EA’s connection system

UPDATES/EDIT: Thanks to all for upvoting visibility and adding to the discussion. To be clear I am not in denial that scripting exists – there are code leaks that clearly show EA dynamically adjusts sliders depending on match statistics. Now, it is NOT clear to me whether this exists solely for player vs. AI modes like Squad Battles (and I have absolutely felt the sliders being adjusted after going up 2-0 in the first 10 mins against AI) OR in all game modes. Two points to that…1) I am shocked no verified EA employee has leaked more on this. If for example they moved jobs to work at Amazon, it is pretty easy to post as an anonymous whistleblower these days. 2) Fixing connection issues is vastly more important and realistic to achieve relatively equal and fair gameplay. If EA want to nerf stepovers, they nerf stepovers, nothing you or I can do about it. Let's demand the bare minimum first, which is a modernized networking setup so we KNOW that poor gameplay is then due to other factors.


I'm so sick of posts whining about scripting, DDA, post-patch gameplay, etc.

Why can't this community collectively use its 487,000 members to force EA to address it's abysmal net code, server setup, and general connection settings. From my research, the core issues with this game appear OVER and OVER again. You probably wouldn't be surprised that forums from FIFA 14 are eerily identical to complaints in FIFA 21. The players feel slow, the passes/shooting feel off, balls glitch through defenders…it's the same year after year.

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Stop giving EA a pass by claiming it's due to scripting or some clever code they've implemented to keep players addicted. ITS THEIR PATHETIC, OUTDATED, AND OUTRIGHT LAZY NETWORKING TEAM. Notice how EA is purposefully vague when it comes to describing their matchmaking procedure and server setup. They've kept this hidden for years because they know how utterly broken and cheap their system is.

Every game you play online, and I mean EVERY game, immediately puts you at an advantage or disadvantage depending on connection. Even if you have an amazing ISP with fiber/gigabit services and 2 ping, you can still lose exclusively due to how EA deals with disparate connections. If you end up matching with someone from the Bermuda triangle, EA specifically has code to slow down your gameplay so that the match is at a similar time (i.e. you both end up at the 50th minute at the same time). If you have a mediocre connection because you live further from EA's servers, your players take longer to respond, and code animations simply wont register in time (for example, EA doesn't think your defender is there to block the shot, and the ball glitches through them). That's not scripting, that's connection.

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This game will never be a fair competition unless EA can modernize their servers. Year after year after year they have chosen not to, simply because it saves money. It is absurd that you are not able to choose a dedicated server to always connect to. It is pathetic that we have the capability to experience seamless connectivity in 100v100 battle royale games yet EA chooses to use their old system and save a couple million for executive bonuses. It is unbelievable that their servers can't handle high and completely predictable traffic during Weekend League or promos.

I love football and I actually enjoy FIFA when I'm playing against someone on a level playing field (similar ping, distance to server, etc). This will never consistently happen for most of us until the community finds a way to put EA in the spotlight. I know I'm just ranting and don't have a solution, but I'm really hoping this can get some traction so we can collectively find a way to address the most broken aspect of what could be a great game.


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