A Comprehensive Guide of the Cyclical League SBC Method

cba to turn on auto caps so don’t expect much.

step 1: for a couple weeks, passively build up your club with golds. always take untradeable rewards but sell anything 83+ that’s tradeable, and any in forms.

step 2: WAIT. in order to maximize the effectiveness of this method, you must wait for two integral sbcs to come out: the bronze and silver upgrades with expiry dates. these allow for bpm to be super super useful.

step 3: once these sbcs drop (usually not during a promo, spaced out by a month) you will open as many 400 coin bronze packs as possible. you will need some seed money, but at a bare minimum 250k. open 100k worth at a clip. discard non-league sbc dupes and everything that isn’t players.

step 4: put all non league sbc bronzes into a the timed bronze upgrade. easy way to do this is to select a league in squad builder and just submit, going down until you reach the last one. open all of these packs.

step 5: repeat steps 3 and 4. after this point you should be able to start on the efl and almost complete the csl, which is the one you should be focusing on the most. some clubs can be done from basically any other non top 5 league, but those two and MLS are really good to start with basically only bronzes and silvers.

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step 6: work through these leagues, focusing on not spending more than 2k on a given team unless it’s the last of a set. after completing the CSL once, it’s time to start the real grind.

step 7: put all of your non league sbc silvers into the timed silver upgrade. do the same squad builder method as outlined in step 4. open these packs, and with the golds you’ve built up with rewards over the recent past, you should be in a good place to start the better leagues.

step 8: start combing through the top 5 leagues and other remaining leagues not mentioned in step 5, looking for teams you will spend less than 3k to finish. complete these, flushing cards back into your club. this allows for a cascade effect that will help complete other teams, eventually speeding up the process even more so that you can move through most league sbcs in a matter of days.

step 9: keep going until the bronze and silver upgrades expire. this is when you should start to wean off, and tie up loose ends on leagues. after that, you wait until the upgrades come back, and the process starts all over again.

although this process requires a significant coin investment, from 400k spent, i was able to garner over 1.1 million coins worth of fodder in a matter of 3 weeks, along with a cheeky prime vieri and some other good players. if you have the time and money and want to do something satisfying and fun, go for it!

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  1. if you feel yourself getting stuck, open more bronze packs and recycle. i feel it helps me build up from the foundation again.

  2. don’t try to buy silvers and bronzes for teams late at night, especially on weekdays. you can be prone to overpaying because of lack of supply.

  3. buy expensive bronze and silver players on sunday night and thursday morning. this is when they have a large supply.

  4. understand when player pick packs are coming, and prepare accordingly. gold common prices will go up to 800 each, at a minimum. try to stock up on silvers to put in the silver upgrade to get more commons in your club.

  5. don’t be afraid to dish out 20-30k to finish the last team on a league, especially a top 5 one. it will have been worth it. however, bidding is always a better alternative (for any team, matter of fact) because it can reduce prices by as much as 50%.

  6. don’t fill up your transfer pile too quickly with low value crap. trust me, you’re going to want to prioritize because it fills up so fast.

  7. the hardest team in any league is cadiz. it will most likely be the only one you will have to pay >30k for. this is one you’re going to want to save for last, and to try to pack at least one defender. if not, try to get the defenders cheaper by bidding on sunday nights or thursday mornings.

  8. anything tradeable that is >83 rated or a totw should be sold.

  9. finally, don’t waste your valuable position changes on low level leagues. valuable ones include st->cf and basically any cam/cm/cdm ones. save these for when you really need them.

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thanks for reading! hopefully this helps, doing this was the most fun i’ve had “playing” fifa in a while because gameplay is so bad. let me know if there’s anything to add to this.


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