A deep dive into my 4-1-2-1-2(2) tactics that got me 16-4 with a no money spent RTG

Disclaimer: This might be a long post. I'm not just going to talk about my tactics and formation, i'm going to specifically tell you why everything is exactly how it is. This post isn't going to explain the "meta" of the new game or op glitches or depending on finesse shots. This is going to tell you how to play fifa using the foundations of the game ( passing, shooting, defending).

Firstly: I play old gen so not everything I say is going to translate if you play on next gen. However a lot of what I'm going to talk about could be of use to someone who's struggling building up or can't find the perfect custom tactics.

Last year I posted my tactics that got me 25-4 in WL without using any broken skill moves or gameplay mechanics. This year nothing has changed about my gameplay. Last year i said I focused on the fundamentals of football instead of the fundamentals on FIFA, and that is exactly why I don't have to change my play-style to fit the game.

Why 4-1-2-1-2(2)? Well I just never really got on with wide formations, I always felt as if the wingers did not get involved enough and were too wide. Also I just really love the two striker and CAM combo and like the little triangles you can make between them. My only problem with this formation was that the 2 CMS were useless in defence, but i've found a way around that to make this formation better at defence.

Defensive Style: Balanced. I messed around with pressing after possession loss/heavy touch but I just felt like my AI defence went wayyyy out of position, so balanced is the most..well balanced.

Width is 45 and depth is 60. I tried 70 depth because i ran 7 depth last year, but it felt too high. 45 width keeps your defence compact.

Offence: Long ball and balanced. I used to have chance creation on direct passing but i felt like my CMS just made runs that were too crazy and it hurt me while trying to build out the back. I tried balanced for build up play and chance creation but i struggled to create chances. So build up play is long ball and chance creation is balanced.

Width 55, 5 players in box(don't put higher than 5 or your cdm will make deep runs), 1 player in box for corners and free kicks. Corners have been garbage for me this year so i usually get countered. Thats why 1 man in the box. Pro Tip: I don't know if this counts as a "meta" or op move, but i saw a corner tutorial that works 1 out of 10 times probably but it feels nice to score. Call player short on corner, driven pass to player on edge of the box, L1/LB+Square/X to the back post and your player is usually unmarked. My goal to get 16-4 was from the corner.

Now on to the instructions+ the player I use in the position starting from the back:

(Ter Stegen) GK: Comes for crosses and sweeper keeper. You can keep both on the normal one, but I like playing aggressive with my keeper which is why i like him as a sweeper.

(Kounde and Alaba) LCB and RCB: Don't touch anything. I tried step up but it just puts them out of position so i don't recommend that.

(Alba and Mendy) LB and RB: This one is important. Put both on stay back while attacking. This does NOT mean your fullbacks won't be part of the attack they will be. Also put them on overlap. In game, whenever you pass with your fullbacks it should be an LB/L1 pass so the fullback runs forward. You have to use the fullbacks yourself and they are very important in attack.

(Casemiro) CDM: Drop between defenders. You can put him on stay back if you want him a little forward, but for me he's never part of the attack and i've always liked having a cdm between the cbs to defend a counter. Make sure he's on cover center.

(De Jong) RCM: Now it's important to note, this is an attacking position. You do not have to put an all around midfielder here, you can get away with an attacker, i just like De Jong. Make sure your RCM is on get into box for cross, COVER WING and drift wide. He's basically a winger with those instructions but he's much more involved in the attack. Instead of wingers in normal formations, he's always in a good position to receive the ball. He's a RM/RW/RAM hybrid that works perfectly. He's on cover wing because when defending, he will be your RM. I'll show a diagram of how you're gonna look when attacking and when defending. Again, this is an attacking position.

(Llorente) LCM: Now this is my favourite position. This player is your left CDM/ your 5th attacker who will make deep runs up the pitch. Get into box for cross, drift wide and cover CENTER for the LCM. So RCM is cover WING and LCM is cover CENTER. When defending, Llorente is your left CDM, when attacking, he's your LW/LM/LAM. Get a box to box player for this position who has good stamina and can shoot. I used to have both De Jong and Llorente on get forward, but that hurts you when passing out the back. ( It would be better to have a left footer here, but either foot works)

(Alejandro Gomez) CAM: Make sure he is on BALANCED defence support. If he's on stay forward, none of this tactics will work. Get into box is the only thing i changed. He's your CAM when attacking and your LM when defending.

(Griez and Dembele) LS and RS: Get in behind and Stay forward. Pretty straight forward. Ideally have one player with really good finishing and one with 5* skills.

This is how the formation looks while you are Defending. Very solid very simple 4-4-2. 2 CDMS is always super important to defend with. (Website has Gomez and De Jong as LWB and RWB but they are LM and RM).

this is where everyone goes when you turn defence to attack. Gomez goes to the cam spot, Lllorente and De Jong go the left and right sides of the pitch, Casemiro drops to the middle of the pitch. Griezmann and Dembele's runs are important because they give you width while you're waiting for everyone else to come up the pitch. This also makes you play more calm and relaxed as this is a hard formation to counter in, so you really need to pay attention to slowly building up and holding possession.

this is what it looks like when i'm attacking. The most important thing to notice here is how close everyone is to each other. Look at how many triangles there are. Every player has at least 2 passing options and thats how you keep the ball and slowly break down your opponent.

The best part of my game is my defending and the tips i can give you is to always jockey with your CBS and never bite. I'll be honest, defending isn't easy to teach and it's more just about playing the game more and figuring it out. Always defend with your CDMS until you NEED to more your CBs, think of it like checkers, don't move your back 4 and your opponent can't breach. For passing, make sure you have control of the ball. This year, go for safer passes, go for the extra pass instead of the dangerous one. Keep possession and try to keep the ball moving around. Shooting on old gen is pretty simple so i don't think there's many tips i can give, but going past the GK on old gen is really effective, slow down when you get close to the GK and go around him. Which leads me to another important point, don't hold down the sprint button all game.

I don't really use second man press that much, but it's effective higher up the pitch to create a good press. An important thing about defending is to pressure the opponent. Make him(or her) uncomfortable and don't make it easy. Press the hell out of them. Always go into a tackle knowing what you're gonna do next IF you lose it. Make sure you have your next moves planned. After every attempted interception your first instinct should be to put that player back into the position. A lot of the lower tier players i play, pluck their CBs out of position and that makes it easy. Remember, if you're going to manually step up with your CB to try and intercept a pass, you should already be ready to take that CB back to where you picked him up from. Always know your next move regardless of if you lose or win the ball.

I hope everything here was clear and if you do try my tactics, let me know how you found them! I don't want this post to come off as me being someone who is a tactical mastermind who knows everything about FIFA. I just found some tactics that made FIFA fun and wanted to share them.

If anyone has any questions, or if i forgot something, please let me know. If you made it this far thank you for reading and hope FIFA is going good for you so far!


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