A person time wasting in the Mistery Ball friendlies made me realize there’s no way I can enjoy this game on the long run

Content of the article: "A person time wasting in the Mistery Ball friendlies made me realize there’s no way I can enjoy this game on the long run"

I'm writing this with a bit of sourness, and a lot of disappointment.

It's for the God knows how many time that I open Fifa with a good mood, and I exit it with a bad one.

I said to myself that I won't play any game tonight. But after a bit of trading, I was like "oh, well, I may as well try this mode for the first time, as the Prime Gold pack looks nice".

I just got into Division 1 yesterday, so ofc I matched a sweat even in there. Like the kind of sweat that can't enjoy even a friendly. The kind of person that would play Fifa with his dad, and try to beat him no matter what, I am so very sure of it. But you know what, I actually enjoyed it for about 70 min or so. I really did. I skipped celebrations, he did too, I missed a lot, he did too, fine. I never played this mode, so it was a pleasant surprise.

Until min 77 or so came, and he started time wasting while the "Speed Boost" was on. There was absolutely no way to get to him. Just turning around and around on super speed, there's no way to stop that. I turned on Team press, it did 0, as expected.

At that point, it hit me. I will never ever be able to enjoy this game, to play it like a bit for fun, a bit for competition, a bit for rewards, a bit out of boring, you know? I tried, I really tried not to take it seriously, not to get too bothered by losses, but man, not only this game is garbage for me most of the times mainly because of delay/lag, but this community… oh, boy, this community deserves the worst, and I mean it.

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Pretty much all gaming communities are toxic, I'll give you that. But fifa? When you know you're playing for a simple pack in a friendly mode, and people still being as toxic as they can? When you know the game is so bad and frustrating most of the times, and you still try to frustrate that human you're playing A GAME versus, even more? Nah, this is nonsense, it's just pure evil, pure toxicity, coming out of stupidity maybe, or frustration, depression, I really don't know, but this is just evil.

You can take your win, your pack, your game, and do whatever you want with them. This game is not made to be enjoyed, not in my eyes. Way too many times I have closed it with frustration, anger, or simply too much disappointment.

This is more or less a vent, but I think after TOTY I am done with it. I saved some packs for it, I will enjoy opening them (way less now), but after that I think I'm out. As an avid and passionate player for the last 3 months, I can say this game does bad things to my mood and to my mental state.

There's just no way to enjoy it, just absolutely no way, it will get to you one way or another, sooner or later. Sorry for the so long thread!

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