A review nobody asked for: “Short” story about What IF Lees-Melou!

Hello everyone, first of all, thank you for taking your time to read this.

I am div1 – e3 player, so you decide if this review impacts you based on my rank. Back to last monday, I decided to build squad using all of my coins (not much, around 1.2m) to make my RTG stronger. Plan was to bring Atal and Neymar as STs (4312 and 4222 are my main setups since january when I switched from 352). Linking and coins became a problem, needed a lad who will play CDM and also green-link Atal (and also worth less than 150k). There was literally only one usable option: Pierre Lees-Fkin-Melou.

My squad:

Chem style: shadow.

Instructions as CDM in 4222 (played 23/30 games in 4222): cut passing lanes, cover center.

Pace: 9/10. I don't remember he lost a single sprint against ANY footballer. You can feel he is not Renato Sanches while sprinting, but he is fast just enough to do a job properly.

Shooting: 8ish/10. He scored 5 goals for me. To be completely honest, I don't remember fifth goal, but those that I remember were very important goals in tight games and key moments (2x corners, one solo-dance with croqueta cancel and near post blasting, and one mad run into space and easy finish). Also to be honest, rating of his shooting would probably be 8 or 9 out of 10, but he simply wasn't in position to shoot enough time to give me clear rating on this one. But for sake of review, I decided to go with 8ish/10.

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Passing: 9/10. He will not Rickroll you with any type of easy passes in build-up. Need a pass to upfront player? He delivers. Need a long ball to other flank? No problem. Need a L1+triangle pass to your running ST? Sure, there it is. (We all know how bad passing in this game is, yet he is still kicking it.) I rarely rate a player stat 10/10 in-game, but this one ain't far from that.

Dribbling: 8/10. There were moments where his balance was definitely noticable, but still keep in mind that gameplay was complete shite this whole weekend and it was hard to stay in balance even for "Mr.Balance" himself-Renato Sanches. His turning is smooth even tho he is huge, and ball was close to feet while moving. Also his reactions on the ball and composure are noticable as he is not making mistakes under pressure, and doesn't need 5 seconds to input my commands even tho it do be like that sometimes with this game.

Defending and physical: 9/10. He tall. He strong. You input stand tackle-he wins the ball for you. You need a professional foul? He will tear opponent calfs apart while fisting his anus (injury guaranteed), and get away with yellow card only. Extra bonus: the game bugs and it goes into 8 extra time parts of 15 minutes? You are not sure if his stamina will let him down? Do not worry my friend, he will last longer than Nacho Vidal in his best days.

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Overall: 9/10.
Coin for coin value: 15/10.
As my weekend league progressed and games at +15 elo became a living hell, his every move on the field was telling me to write this review. Thank you Lees-Melou for one-more Elite rank clutched. Your picture is joining RB Talisca and SH Acuna as "fan-favourites" in club trophy room, even tho you were in club only for 30 games.


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