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As u/atmosguisher commented on a post earlier, we are expecting disappointment from FUT Birthday Promo. Almost 2 hours in, this is turning into a reality. You may ask, how disappointing can it be just 2 hours in?

  1. FUT Birthday cards same as leaked cards. To be perfectly honest, most of the cards are pretty underwhelming. I know all of them have received SM/WF upgrades, but there are just so many cheaper alternatives on the market already. I highly doubt it is worth the hype.
  2. Huntelaar Objective, on MM again. The boredom of facing Mbappe and many other high-end meta players off the bench from the 2nd minute continues. The mode gets even sweatier than Champs nowadays. I am not sure to give credit to EA for updating the rating of MM to 79 or not. That allows players to put in even more high-end players to sweat it out. Surely the original purpose of setting up live friendlies are to have fun, but not to suffer from another Champs mode?
  3. Underwhelming Season rewards. As some have already pointed out, Lvl 30 Briand is probably a worse card than a Lvl 15 Martins card. Apart from that, it's the same old tifos and badges again. We are not even deeming for a whole revamp of the Seasons rewards system. But honestly who would care for another tifo when you grind up to Lvl20+?
  4. Promise broken for Icon Swaps. From last month, EA stated clearly in the game that on March 26th, we would be getting the remaining 9 tokens. Now they have decided to release on Monday. How challenging would it be for them to just release the objectives? Hate to see them break their promise again and again.
  5. Mistakes after mistakes. After completing the SBC Group 1 or whatever the name is, no one can unlock that objective. Podolski's first name getting spelt wrong. These are just basic coding, it is not even coding for the second mistake, it is just copy and paste…
  6. SBC releases. Not saying the Podolski SBC is bad, but an 85 rated squad and another TOTW required in the other segment of the SBC is just a bit meh. Two new kit SBCs, which no one gives a damn. Just give something back to the community who constantly grind your game!!!
  7. Free packs. A lot of players who log into your game since day 1 only receive a Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack, or even worse, not even a pack. How can casuals who watched probably 5 minutes of your shit FaceOff Tournament be granted a TOTY CR7 for free, but a loyal player who stick his arse into your game cannot even get a 100k pack? Not to mention that 100k pack would only be 24 cards with rating under 82.
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Anyway, I don't want to continue moaning, as we can all master trading skills and get whoever we want in the game, and all of us can certainly win 30 Champs games with a full bronze team. Who needs FUT Birthday? Nah, it should be, who needs Ultimate Team after all?

Edit: Thanks for the Awards! My first time receiving an Award!! Edit 2: Getting more downvotes. Not like I care about upvotes/downvotes, I just want to say my view on the game now and to be honest, I am just stating the truth of the game, so I don't understand where the hate is coming from.


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