After playing my first WL, I realized how many “relegators” are in fact in Division 9 Rivals (PC)

Let me start by saying this: I honestly thought the people on this sub mentioning massive relegators, are exaggerating.

That being said, I just finished my 1st WL, I even made a thread about it, w/e. I finished Gold 3, not bad at all given my team. Well now that I got back to Rivals for a bit, to get to that Rank 1 for the rewards, I've seen things from a different view.

All of a sudden, it hit me up how many players that don't belong there are in that Division. No, not because of their teams, but because of their play styles. Dribblings, fake shots, drag backs, and most important imo, that sh*t op through ball on the running wing that can't be stopped. Let me tell you these are NOT normal moves for a Division 9 player. Why? Because I play there and I know not only how I play, but how the other real Div 9 players do.

I played about 10 games in the last 2 days. I memorized about 5, if not 6 players who clearly relegated themselves to be there. Pretty much all of them using Mendy 87/89, as you'd expect. This is complete bullsh*t and it should be unacceptable.

Like literally, every time I'm winning a game vs a guy who has obvious flaws in his gameplay, like he's bad at defending, or panics in front of goal, doesn't know how to attack on the wings etc, like you would expect a Div 9 player would be, immediately after I get this freaking "smurf" relegator that plays with his freaking awesome team, spamming that through ball on the flanks, dirbbling like no other etc.

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I believe as strong as I can that I do not belong in Division 9. I have like no problems facing the "real" players in there usually. I mean absolutely no offense and not be arrogant, I am just a bit better at the game, even with a worse team. On the contrary, I have even more respect for these players stuck in that Division, as they keep playing even though the matchmaking is truly unfair. It's okay to be bad at Fifa or any other game (hell, I'm bad too, just not as bad as the rating shows imo), but it's not okay to relegate yourself for some objectives and ruin the games of several other people who want a fair matchmaking.

Anyone who thinks I'm bullshit in this thread can do two things: play in Division 9, PC (or consoles too, it's probably even worse in there, because of higher player pool); or add me as a friend on PC and play a friendly with me to see how I play and if I really belong in there and I'm just delusional.

Last but not least, you know what's the most funny thing? The fact that these assholes can barely win vs me, most usually by 1 goal difference. I also tend to get more shots on goal than them, which says a lot about their true skills. I obviously have no clue what Divisions are those players that relegate, but I'm assuming somewhere between 5-7?

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Thx for reading. It's honestly frustrating and unfair and it's very disappointing that EA doesn't give a fuck. Also, if you're one of the people who relegated himself on PC in Div 9, f*ck you!


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