Alexander Isak: The Swedish Talisca

I haven't written any player reviews before, but after using FS Isak this week I absolutely had to let everyone know just how nuts this card actually is. Player picks were very kind to me this week, providing me with tonnes of fodder as well as FS Dalot, FS Kulusevski and FS Isak (twice). I decided to make a team to try these guys all out, and whilst they're all good it's the 6'4" Swedish beast that has stolen the show.

  • Pace: 10/10. With Hunter he gets 98 acceleration and 99 sprint speed. Now, we all know when you've got someone as tall as Isak that whilst the pace might have something in the 90's next to it, thanks to their body type and agility it never feels that way. Straight away I could feel Isak was different, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. He doesnt just run, he bounds; burning off the likes of Varane/Mendy with surprising regularity. Unlike almost every other tall forward I've used, his height was having no negative effects on his speed at all. I said to my mate 'he almost feels like RB Talisca on crack' and then I remembered… Talisca has a custom body type. So I futbin'd the 'High and Lean' body to find just two owners: Talisca and Isak. This makes the worldof difference. He doesn't lumber like other giants, he glides; feeling every bit as fast as his stats suggest.
  • Shooting: 9/10. His shooting is equally insane. A naturally high shot power of 91 means that with Hunter he gets 99 finishing, 96 shot power and 99 volleys, and his 5* WF means you don't have to overthink his shooting to compensate for anything. If you're clear to shoot, just let rip. Shots smashed across the keeper have very little chance of being saved. With a curve stat of only 75 and no finesse trait his finesse shots and long shots are maybe his only points of slight weakness when it comes to shooting, but I noticed no negative impact on his goal scoring ability so far.
  • Passing: 6.5/10. 85 vision and 81 short passing are servicable for a striker, and he's quite capable of 1-2's and target-man lay off passes with decent consistency. Obviously no one expects him to be prime Xavi in this respect, but it's still the weak point of his overall game.
  • Dribbling: 8.5/10. As previously mentioned, for a player of his size these stats are quite insane. There's no stat below 80 in this section, and his Talisca body-type arguably makes them feel even better than they are on paper. I don't use many speed-boost dribble moves in my build up play at all, but testing them out on him they are some of the fastest boosts I've seen on a player. I've also got Mbappe untradable, and Isak's speed transitions out of boosted moves leave him in the dust. His 84 composure stat could be a tiny bit low but that's just nit-picking at this point. EDIT: Rolled this back to an 8.5.
  • Defence: N/A. 85 heading accuracy is nice, and he's scored headers from a number of corners and general-play crosses for me already. Whilst his actual defending stats are obviously terrible his combination of speed, size and strength means you can cause havoc by manually pressing with him correctly.
  • Physical: 7.5/10. 83 strength is good for his size, and whilst 83 stamina isn't terrible it would've been nice to see something around 90. He's been able to play out full games for me just fine (even with pressure on possession loss tactics) but he may need subbing in extra time id suspect. Aggression of 57 is low, but size and strength again helps compensate.
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  • Special body type gives an incredibly unique blend of speed, power, and control.
  • Amazing finishing and shot power with Hunter.
  • 5* WF
  • Agility and balance great for his size
  • Speed-boosts out of dribble moves are insane


  • Has some okay links, but they're not great. Swedish icon Larsson may be a saviour for hybrids, and they would complement each other quite well.
  • Passing is okay, but inconsistent.

To summarise, Isak is an incredible card. You seriously can't find his blend of size, speed, and shooting anywhere else in my opinion. Despite that fact his links aren't the best (although having Oyazarbal, Portu, RB Silva and Icon Larsson means they could certainly be worse) he slots straight into any LaLiga setup, and for less than 100k he's an absolute steal. If you've got the means to try him out I highly recommend doing so. I've attached a picture of his stats for me (25 games, 47 goals, 4 assists) all of which have come in Div 3 and Div 4 rivals in this past week. A number of those were rage quits caused by him too, so his already excellent 2 goal contributions per game could be higher than that too.

FS Isak Div Rivals Stats

After 5 goals in 29 minutes my opponent had seen enough.

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