An Extremely Detailed League SBC Analysis

Content of the article: "An Extremely Detailed League SBC Analysis"

League SBCs have been hugely disappointing this year. So many packs are untradeable. There are no players at the end. It's safe to say that League SBCs have not changed for the better.

One intriguing thing EA has done this year is add big untradeable pack rewards for completing the league. This may interest a lot of people. What I've done is go through each league and calculate what you get back relative to what you put in.

A few disclaimers:

  1. All SBC prices are calculated from Futbin current prices
  2. All "returns" are calculated assuming you pack nothing. No special cards. No 84+ cards.
  3. "Returns" are based on an average sale price (1,000 for a gold rare, 800 for a non-gold rare, etc.)
  4. Pack returns assume average splits (i.e. a Prime Electrum Players pack returns 3 Rare Gold, 3 Non-Rare Gold, 3 Rare Silver, 3 Non-Rare Silver)
  5. This assumes you purchase everything from scratch. If you have untradeables in the club, that may change the dynamic of this outlook.
  6. I'm only highlighting Rare Golds because this does not appear to be a valid method to make coins anymore. You have to assume that no matter what, by completing the League SBCs, you lose coins. The only real reason to do these is to pack a special card or high value card.

Also, some leagues may be better or worse for you. It all depends on what you want to get out of it. Here is the chart:


  • SBC Cost – The number of coins you'd pay buying every card from scratch at Futbin prices
  • Return T – The coins you'd get back from selling every player, assuming average sale prices and splits
  • Return UT – The relative coin value of the players you'd get back untradeable
  • Net Cost – Assuming you pack nothing, this is how many coins you'd pay (SBC Cost – Return T)
  • SBC Ratio – Coins you'd get back relative to what you'd pay (Return T / SBC Cost)
  • UT Ratio – The coin value of players untradeable relative to what you'd pay (Return UT / SBC Cost)
  • RG T – Number of tradeable rare golds you'd pack by completing the league
  • RG UT – Number of untradeable rare golds you'd pack by completing the league
  • Cost / UTRG – Net cost divided by untradeable rare golds. This is basically how much you're paying per untradeable rare gold.
  • Cost / TRG – SBC Cost divided by tradeable rare golds. Used SBC cost here because you can get the coins back if you pack something big.
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This is just my view. You may view these leagues differently, as you may value time/coins differently. Leagues are sorted by SBC ratio.

  • UEFA Champions League – Appears to be the best value, especially when lined up against something like the Premier League. Only 9 squads. You can probably do this cheaper than the price on Futbin. 2 cycles through gives you more tradeable rare golds, untradeable rare golds, costs less, and has fewer squads than one Premier League Cycle.
  • Ligue 1 Uber Eats – Not bad value. Cheapest cost of all leagues for Untradeable Rare Golds. Again, when lined up against the Premier League, this one makes way more sense. It costs 120,000 less, and you only get 13 fewer tradeable rare golds and 12 fewer untradeable rare golds. You can use those coins and just buy an Ultimate Pack in the store if you want and get 30 tradeable rare golds. Coupled with untradeables you're likely to get, this may be one of the better leagues to work on.
  • EFL Championship – Not worth it at all. 24 squads. 4 tradeable golds from the whole cycle. High cost of untradeables. Don't waste your time.
  • Saudi Professional League – Horrible value. The fewest rare golds of any league. You're just flushing coins away.
  • Serie A TIM – You should get the most coins back from this league, but the net cost is still very, very high. Basically the same exact returns as Ligue 1 for 40-50k more. There are better out there.
  • MLS – 26 squads. 0 untradeable rare golds. You're better off buying packs from the store, and that's saying something. Don't even consider this.
  • CONMEBOL Sudamericana – Again, 0 untradeable rare golds. Cost per untradeable rare gold is much higher than plenty of other leagues. This is just a waste of coins again. Don't do this.
  • CONMEBOL Libertadores – This one is a bit tricky. I think the price on Futbin is very high because there are not a ton of solutions, but there are a ton of cards. At the current price, there are better values out there, but if you can do this a lot cheaper (say 100k for the whole thing), it's among the better SBCs. I still think Champions League is better side by side, but if you can figure it out and do this for substantially cheaper, it might not be horrible. And only 9 squads so not horribly time consuming.
  • Bundesliga – I don't think it's worth it. You only get 3 tradeable rare golds from the entire set for 182k. Yes, you get a TON of untradeable rare golds, but it just doesn't feel like great value. I'd probably rather do Ligue 1.
  • Premier League – The most controversial because of West Brom at 70k. That Ultimate Pack is dangling out there, but unless you're doing this almost entirely with cards you have form the club, it's very expensive. You get the most back from one single league, but it's a lot of coins you're sinking into this league. 245k net cost is 100k more than the next closest league SBC. You might get lucky and pack something a bit more valuable, but it's a lot of coins to pay. I think this is up to each individual.
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Hope you enjoyed the read. And to be clear, you have to assume your coin balance is going down by doing every single one of these. Here's hoping you pack something good!


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