Anthony martial player review after 700 games

Content of the article: "Anthony martial player review after 700 games"

On stay central get in behind at left striker in a 4-2-2-2 With a catalyst chem style, here are my thoughts.

all games played in div 1 rivals and fut champs.


his acceleration feels a bit average even with the chem style, definitely doesn’t feel as fast as rashford. His sprint speed feels good, at full speed he won’t get caught up immediately by joe Gomez

shot- 8/10

his finesse shots are insane, some of the best I’ve used this year. However, his cross goal shots are weak, due to his average shot power and the lack of a hunter chem style. His positioning was great for me, he doesn’t go in crazy runs and he will sometimes drop a little bit deeper which is good for counter attacks or 2 striker formations. Wouldn’t use him as a lone striker.

passing- 7.5/10

his short passes are flawless, but don’t expect him to ping 40 yard through ball. his Lobbed passes are surprisingly good Probably because of the chemistry style I am using.

dribbling- 7.5/10

his first touch is really good, however lacks agility and feels a bit sluggish at times when left stick dribbling. Definitely not as good as rashford but rarely takes a bad touch.

physicality- 8/10

surprisingly good, probably because of his body type in game. His 77 stamina didn’t seem to be a major problem, because I have him on stay forward. He was also surprisingly good at winning headers from goal kick even against varane and Gomez.

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decent, scored a lot of headers from crosses but rarely wins headers from corners. His headers are far better than rashfords, I can’t seem to hit the target with headers from rashford from any distance.

weakfoot- 6.5/10

better than I thought, but not amazing expectedly. 3 star weakfoot can be a problem, but scored a lot of cross goal shots. Finesse shots with his weakfoot are poor. His passing is average at best on his weaker foot.

I would definitely recommend him to someone who is looking to be original or for someone who just got the game and doesn’t have many coins. 17k is a really good price from him. I bought him for 120k at the beginning of the year rip😬.

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