Anyone who is good at Fifa should be able to build their dream team whatever it is by playing the game normally.

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First of all this is in a scenario where EA actually makes the best cards available enough so that players can attain them whether by buying them off the market or obtaining them through packs.

I've seen a lot of players saying it's easy to build a good team now than years ago and I do not disagree, however I always believe there is a difference in building a good team (Not only with some random cards EA dishes out to you who may or may not be one of your favourite players) and actually being able to build the team you dream of building whether it consists of current players and top tier Icons or even a squad full of top tier Icons.

Let's say for instance someone who's a huge Brazilian fan would like to get a squad with all Brazilian moments icons and not the lower versions that can't compete with all the other overpowered cards that will come out in the future, how'd they go about getting that team without dedicating an impossible amount of time or spending an obscene amount of money? Please don't say oh everyone isn't supposed to get those cards, no, the mode is called ultimate team and you should be able to build your ultimate team whatever it is as long as you're good at the game, or good enough to meet the requirements of getting those cards assuming it's a reasonable requirement, the content is rare yes but not exclusive, and at the end of the day it's an in game content which everyone should have some kind of access to outside of spending ridiculous money. I'm not saying it's supposed to be easy but it sure isn't supposed to be almost impossible to obtain these cards, especially given the yearly span of the game and how many players play the game.

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If you're paying real money for items in game it should only save you time from grinding to get the item/s, but shouldn't mean grinding for them should be impossible playing the game normally. I mean paying for a chance to get a certain card in Fifa is a grind in itself which is also absurd to think about.

I just felt like making this post after recent events surrounding EA, and after playing other games which system rewards good players really well if they choose to grind instead of paying, even by grinding you're still able to obtain all the best things from the game, and anything you have to pay for either saves you time or it's something exclusive.


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