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This is just a concept made by me. Let me know what you think!

I have also created a Trailer for my concept and this is my first attempt.

Watch it


Please do not steal this concept and post it without credits. I still have trust in humanity :')

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#UI Changes

Loading Screen

Home Screen

Club (Also known as Leagues)

Pack Opening Animation (Will be used for only packs that contain high rated players)

New Card Art

#New Features

Change Players' Position

In my concept, there would be multiple Position Modifiers catered for various positions.

These are just some examples of position that you can change.

Old Position New Position Modifier Needed

Similarly, you can also change players position from RW->RM->RWB->RB vice-versa. (Refer to FIFA Consoles Position Modifiers)

Changing positions of players would affect some stats of certain players. For example, if I played Mbappe (ST) in CDM, the defensive stats of the players would be increased while the offensive stats would decrease. (Not recommended to do this tho)

This feature would allow you to play players in different positions to suit your playing style!

Also, this would allow more variation of squads you'll face in VSA and H2H as not all squads would be the same.

Position Modifier Screen

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In-Game Substitutions (For H2H and AI games)

Q: What's the point of substitution if you're playing with your best players?

A: Stamina. Stamina would also be added into the game as an attribute to all players. If a player has low stamina, players would run slower after a certain period of time and will get injured easily. Hence, if a player has low stamina, the best choice is to call for a substitution.

Visual representation of substitutions in game.

Clubs Feature


This new club feature is heavily inspired from Clan Wars I in Clash Royale.

How it work?

The Manager or Assistant Manager can choose when to start training day. Once it is started, there will be 1 hour for members in the club to complete 3 VSA matches.

By playing these matches, you will earn cards for the club. Winning a VSA Match will earn more cards then losing a VSA Match (duh..) These cards collected can be used by EVERYONE in the club and everyone can strategist/suggest the best squad to be used in your club.

By winning more matchday (will be explained below), the club can get to higher Leagues.

Leagues Cards available to collect
Bronze Mostly Bronze Players and few Silver Players
Silver Mostly Silver Players and few Bronze Players
Gold Mostly Gold Players and few Silver Players
Elite Some Gold Players and some Elite Players
Master Mostly Elite Players and few Master Players
Legendary* Mostly Elite Players and some Master Players

* Legendary would be opened at a later date (After several events has been conducted)

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These players collected can include program players (TOTW, TOTY etc) and the cards cannot be upgraded or change position.

This will force gamer to build squad from the cards they were given and not just build Meta Decks everywhere.

Rest Day

Training Day

Matchday will be the day after Training Day where gamers would have to win VSA matches (or H2H idk…) to earn points for the club. Points that can be earned is stated in the image below. There would also be a league table which will determine the amount of fans that the club gets based on the ranking your club stands in the table.

At the end of 2 weeks, a pack would be given to everyone who participated in the matchday. 1 Club can play up to 7 Matchdays.


Club Achievement

Complete long tasks to earn big rewards. Rewards can be Club Mbappe, Club Trent etc.

I don't really know how to explain this but EA can do this themselves. This is just a feature that was removed after Season 1.


I made some UI changes and some features such as "Change Player Position", "Club Features" and "In-game subs"

Hope you guys enjoyed the read and leave your suggestions below!

Upvotes really appreciated. Spent ton of work on this.


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