Attacking with the 4-3-3(5) False 9 system guide

Firstly this is inspired by two systems I’ve used, both very aggressive and a lot of fun:

However I think the system I use is safer than those two, but is still built upon an aggressive pressing game and a very high line.

Context: I'm a division 6, gold 2/3 player. I don't skill (fake-stop-shot once in a while, the odd ball roll, that's all) and I want to pass the ball into net.

Formation 4-3-3(5)

Defence Press after possession loss; width 5, depth 10

Offence Long ball; width 4; players in box 6

(I use Corners 1; Free kicks 2; but up to you.)

GK everything default

RB everything default

CB everything default

CB everything default

LB everything default

CM1 everything default

CDM stay back, cover centre

CM2 get forward

RW everything default

CF everything default

LW everything default

Leaving most things on default has been a game changer for me. Rather than trying to force the AI into narrow and specific things I rely on the players attacking/defensive stats and the team instructions.

With the TOTS and other 90+ rated cards now easily available in the game, I won’t be recommending players as there’s so many to choose from, but here are a few notes:

GK: I’ve found putting instructions on the goalies sends them a bit loopy, so everything balanced.

CBs: I would say minimum pace 90 with chem style – for example I’ve used SL Umtiti (with shadow) and he didn’t get burned for pace – but in a video I’ll link to below /u/Dovahklutch used NIF Ramos with Basic (pace 75) whilst using 10 depth.

Fullbacks: Must have speed and be comfortable on the ball, these guys contribute a lot in the attacking buildup.

CDM: Possibly the only position where pace feels redundant, Busquets and Kroos are welcome here. As the game will (mostly) take place in your opponent’s half with the CDM central and sitting in front of the CBs, he doesn’t have to cover much ground – pace is an added bonus but not essential. In the attack use this player to circulate the ball between your attackers (think Barcelona and Busquets).

CM1: Your box-to-box workhorse, think Paulinho.

CM2: Should be providing a goalscoring threat/be able to play as a second striker. De Bruyne, Modric, Bruno Fernandes etc.

Wingers: Pace. Pace. Pace. I like to have one ‘real’ winger (right-footed on the right or left-footed on the left) and one inverted winger (right-footed on the left/left-footed on the right), but any combination works. I’ve noticed that with all instructions set to balanced the wingers drift inside far more than when using ‘cut inside’.

CF: Usually the hardest position to fill, but suddenly it’s the easiest now there’s so many 90+ cards in the game. The stats to look for are short passing, vision and ball control. The archetype for me is 92 Laudrup, but I’ve used Suarez, Benzema, Messi, Cazorla, Kubo, Firmino, Aguero, Kane, Alejandro Gomez, Luis Alberto, Neymar. Different types of players but all very effective. The key is to find someone who suits you. That could be a target man like Lewandowski, a midfielder converted to CF like Cazorla or Alberto, or a Messi/Neymar. The one type who doesn’t work is the through-ball speed merchant, so no Werner, no Vardy (unless you’re using the TOTS versions).


In the buildup you will have passing triangles all over the pitch, so keep the ball moving, and using 'Long ball' helps initiate player movement; using 'Possession' feels too slow and your buildup will culminate with your attackers standing in a line along the opponent’s 18-yard-box. You can try 'Balanced' if 'Long ball' doesn’t work for you.

Also, switch the play: if you’re stuck get the ball to your weakside fullback, or play it back to your CDM and attack again from a different angle. The 4-3-3 false 9 has so many passing options, you’ll always be able to keep the ball moving.

Offside trap

This isn’t essential but a great tool to have. /u/Dovahklutch did a terrific video for his Milan 4-4-2 system where he speaks about when to use/trigger the offside trap As he says you only need to get this right once to completely throw your opponent’s game off.

Press after possession loss

When the press kicks in, you’re not trying to win the ball back (although it is a nice bonus when it happens), you’re actually trying to interrupt a counter-attack and give your team time to get into its defensive shape.

Defensive tweaks

If you're facing a 4-1-2-1-2(2) and he's spamming through-balls to Vardy/Werner then narrow your defensive depth to 3.

To see a winning game out, say the last ten minutes, then put 'stay back' on your fullbacks and CM1 (your box-to-box workhorse) and lower 'players in the box' to 3 or 4. There's no need to adjust your overall game strategy or lower depth/stop pressing.


If you bronze bench, then have a player who can put a shift in at winger, fullback and central midfield (95 Orsic is brilliant for this), a midfielder who can play CDM or box-to-box (FB Allan for example), and a winger who can also play as your CF (or a CF who can play as a winger).

Final thoughts

Playing with 10 depth can be scary at first, but it is a lot of fun. Be warned, you will concede the odd goal due to a breakaway, however you will score more goals, a lot more, and I’ve noticed I concede less as a) the game tends to be played in the opponent’s half; b) your opponent will rarely be camped on the edge of your box picking open your defence as he habitually does when you play 3 or 4 depth.

Be brave, and have fun!


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