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I’ve finally qualified for weekend league! In that world of meta players and sweaty tactics I have to ask, what are the best strategies for defending? I’m currently in division 5 and I’ll be happy with a Silver 1 finish although I got to Gold 3 a lot in FIFA 20. My team Isn’t great and I don’t have a lot of coins. My best bet is to improve my game and use solid tactics. I should have enough quality to do just fine and I have around 200k for any reinforcements.


I have untradable Mendy, Lenglet, Kounde (RTTF), Koscielny (flashback) and Ramos. I currently use Navas at RB but he’s tradable. I could link Mukiele (Rulebreaker) but then I’ll have another headache. I have a Brazilian midfield trio but lately I’ve been feeling the lag and noticing they’re not up to par so I’m open to replacing them with high agility and high aggression options.

Should I go with big physical defenders – Maybe buy Diego Carlos to partner Ramos? Pacey lightweight defenders – play Kounde with a shadow and find another pacey partner like a fullback on 7 chem? A complimentary partnership like Kounde and Ramos? Or will Lenglet and Ramos be my best pairing? I currently find there are issues with all types of combinations. I do like Kounde with an Anchor though. Very mobile and aggressive, wins a lot of challenges.

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I used to play 4-2-3-1 almost exclusively in FIFA 20 so I know it well. This time I’m using that in defensive situations and 4-3-3 (4) in attacking situations which seems to help me going forward. Sometimes I find switching to 4-4-2 helps when my opposition plays that or when I’m not getting any joy out wide and I need to play more centrally up front. I’m open to suggestions for changing formation.


Tactics wise, I had pressure on heavy touch but things have changed after the last update so I’m trialing a balanced defensive style right now. 4 width, 3 depth. Long ball offensive style, 5 width, 5 in the box, 3 corners, 3 free kicks. I also have a crazy all guns blazing 4-3-3 with 10 depth, 10 width and constant pressure for when I really need a goal. But that’s a last resort. Really fun to play with a high line like that but I often get punished on counter attacks if I don’t score. I’m also using drop back on an ultra defensive system with wingers on come short when I need to slow things down.

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I have a real issue with switching to the right player at the right time, having my CMs or CDMs drop back to protect the defence, defending in 1 v 1 situations and defending against skillers. I’ve recently started making professional fouls to deal with the latter, but taking the risk of being booked or getting sent off Isn’t one I want to take in Weekend League.

I think if I can improve on these defensive issues I’ll have a decent chance at getting Gold 3. Here’s my current team. I’ll be buying a new keeper before embarking on the sweat fest. Thanks in advance for any replies.


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