Calculator to work out reward values you can expect for the week/season

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I saw this post by u/wahoos22 and I didn't quite agree with the way that untradeable packs (and packs in general) were measured and wanted to make my own chart. This turned into making a simple Google Sheets calculator that you can use to calculate your total expected reward value for the week, and also compare directly what you would expect to get from different rivals ranks.

You can find the sheet here. You can't use this sheet without copying it, but once you have made a copy to your own account you can use the drop down boxes in the first tab to enter your expected rivals and squad battles rankings and the calculator should spit out the pack value and coin value of the rewards that you will get.

For example, if I expect to get div 5 rank 1, pick option 2 and get elite 1 in SB, then this week I should get 49k in coins and 125k worth of packs. This ends up being around 174k. However, you generally expect packs to get you about half of what the pack is worth (e.g. a 50k pack gets on average around 25k worth of cards). So the row below that halves the value of the packs, meaning that the total value you get for the week should be around 111.5k.

I also made the calculator based on the idea that untradeable packs are worth around 50% of tradeable packs based on the fact that last year, EA gave out double the number of packs for untradeable rivals rewards. So I counted untradeable packs as half the value of tradeable packs. While doing the sheet, I thought it was strange that option 2 always seemed like the better pick. This is counterintuitive, because if one is obviously better then surely EA would just give us that option and nothing else. With some tinkering, I think that EA this year are valuing packs at around 75% of an equivalent tradeable pack. This is based on me adjusting the pack value until option 1 and 2 were vaguely comparable. This however generally makes option 3 worth the most, which makes sense because option 3 is basically the pack only option meaning that you're taking more of a risk.

I've included this in the calculator and all the calculations are in the various tabs that you can see for yourself. If you accept my tinkering and want to value untradeable packs at 75%, just tick the "adjusted" checkbox in the calculator.

I did basically all the data entry and the formulae by hand, so there's probably going to be a lot of mistakes. Nonetheless, it was a little project I spent an afternoon on and I wanted to share this as a template for anyone wanting to do the same thing but better than what I have done. I'm not an expert so just did it quick and dirty.

In the second tab, you can compare two different rivals rankings and the percentage gain you expect by going up divisions/ranks.

Something very interesting that I thought was the percentage increase in value based on the reward value. For example, the gain between div 1 rank 1 and elite is only around 5%. Depending on the option you choose, you actually get worse rewards going up from div 3 rank 1 to div 2 rank 3. The largest gains come from being promoted from div 5 rank 1 to div 4 rank 3, and div 8 rank 1 to div 7 rank 3. You can see this in tab 3.

For squad battles, there's a big jump from G2 to G1, and from G1 to E3. However, E3 to E2 doesn't get you much more. If you're going to try for E2 you may as well try for E1. If you're short on time and safe on E3, you can probably skip it and do very little damage to your account.


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