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The end of this season is (hopefully) near, so Dj and I thought this would be a good time to revise the CB and ST rankings to give all of you some insight into which players deserve a place in your end game squad. This week we're going to publish the revised rankings for both CB and ST as well as some NEW rankings for positions that we haven't done yet. But this post is about the CBs, so before I get into the rankings, I wanted to first explain a few changes we've made:

  1. The prior rankings were done at 100+20 player ratings but this one uses all player stats at 110+20. We're getting close to the end, so no reason to not use the final stats in making decisions on who belongs in your lineups.
  2. Based on feedback and additional testing, I made a few tweaks in my algorithm to improve the accuracy. Previously it was possible for a player to have a solid score if they had great stats in some categories but terrible stats in other categories. So if a player had 140 marking but 90 standing tackle for example, they were still able to get a high score based on the strength of their marking score despite the fact that a 90 rating for standing tackle would be just awful. I've corrected for that by adding a mechanism that evaluates not just which stat categories have high scores, but also which ones are below average. When I re-ran all the data based on these changes, I was much happier with the results.
  3. Not a change, but a reminder — this list is for VSA/LvL. It does not factor work rates or other things that are important in H2H. Beyond that, I won't go into the methodology in this post but if you'd like to understand the methodology in more detail, you can view the original post and read the detailed explanation.
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Ok, now onto the new / revised CB rankings…


#1 & #2 – Prime Maldini and UTOTS VVD – I won't talk about Maldini since he was very very p2p and you can't get him now anyhow. Suffice to say he's a total beast when you face him. The only other player who is very close to Prime Maldini however is UTOTS VVD. Even at 110+20, VVD still stands out above all the other Prime CBs. He's a complete player with incredible marking, well timed aggression, excellent standing tackle, domination in the aerial game and a near perfect anti-stun rating. Outside of Prime Maldini, UTOTS VVD is the ONLY CB who gives me some issues on a regular basis. Therefore he is a 100% absolute must have in any lineup.


#3, 4 & 5 – Prime Nesta, Prime Puyol and Prime Koeman – Again, no need to get into Puyol and Koeman since that you can't acquire them now and that they were heavy p2p. But Nesta is still your best f2p option after UTOTS VVD. Not quite at the same level of annoyance as VVD, I can pretty much get around Nesta every time with great timing. But he does consistently stick to your player like glue. The only player I've seen stun Nesta is UTOTS Neymar. Strong all-around, I still recommend Nesta as your 2nd CB after UTOTS VVD.

#6 – UCL Lenglet – I'm using this card on my alt theme squad and am fairly comfortable with his place on the list. I do feel like he's a very slight upgrade over the rest of the guys who are below him. He's the last guy who has perfect anti-stun and he's been quite good all-around. With that said, you cannot expect him to perform like Prime Maldini or UTOTS VVD. That isn't realistic. Nine of ten times, good attacker will beat a good defender. But Lenglet will give you stops more often than anyone who isn't above him.

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#7 – UTOTS Varane – A solid solid card. Lacking a bit in anti-stun but still manages to be everywhere with his speed and solid marking. Not a bad option, but you'll need to question his cost vs value when you consider that Lenglet is probably cheaper.

#8 –

– The cheap beast option. High ovr, fairly low coin cost. His stun stats are among the worst on the list, but his other stats are all maxed out. I see him a lot in VSA now and can tell you that he's definitely no worse than Varane/Hummels. He's everywhere on the screen and will surprise you by making a play here and there.

#9 UTOTS Hummels – Pairs well with a less aggressive CB. Is very aggressive on the pitch and that leaves some easy chances if he's not paired well. But he'll give some stops with attackers who don't time their roulette or skill move properly.

#10 Atlantis Sokratis – The surprise on the list. I didn't expect to see him, but his stats are quite solid. When I told a few ppl that he was slotting in at #10, the reaction was always "what?! he's so easy to beat". The reality is that EVERYONE from Lenglet down are easy to beat. Only UTOTS VVD makes your life miserable constantly. But Sokratis gives you more in terms of marking and standing tackle than anyone not mentioned already. His acceleration is really poor, so he's similar to Hummels in that sense.


For those below #10, I really won't recommend ANY of these guys. Heck, I won't really recommend anyone after Nesta tbh. But some of these guys might work well for you based on SB alignment or whatever theme squad you're looking to build. There's a drop off after Lascelles (from 0.4 drop in consensus) so be aware of that difference, especially for the final two on the list. Although in the case of Opara, people use him mainly for his H2H attributes vs what he gives you in VSA and LvL.

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