Djmixfoo & Aris S4 ST RANKINGS v2.0

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Now time to revisit the ST Rankings that u/djmixfoo and I published earlier this season. And what a good time to do it since everyone seems excited about their free Prime Del Piero! As with the revised CB Rankings, there's a few things to keep in mind with these revised ST rankings:

  1. People asked a few times for CB rankings so let me put this first… THIS IS PURELY FOR VSA/LVL. NOT FOR H2H.
  2. This is PURELY based on the stats and has nothing to do with my opinion or Dj's opinion on any given player. In fact, I can tell you that both of us might strongly disagree with what the stats say. However we also feel that the stats DO largely show who the best players are in general.
  3. We looked at all players at 110+20, so end-game stats. There was a few BIG surprises/changes as a result of looking at 110+20 vs 100+20. Some skill boosts (like Finishing for example) scaled a lot better in some key stats at these high ovrs. As a result, some of the players with those boosts shot up the rankings!

With that said, here's likely the final update we'll be making for ST rankings:


#1 Prime Pele – Just as was the case w/ CB, the top player is a very very p2p Prime Icon. But unlike the CB list, there's no f2p option who is even close. This Prime Pele's stats are off the charts. He gets a near perfect rating from Dj and a perfect rating from me. But none of us will likely have him, so a real shame.


#2 –

– He was the top guy last time, but he's been overtaken by Pele. Still a total beast card, but still no way to get him now so we can just look at whale squads and be a bit jealous.

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#3 –

– Finally, a player we can all have, and what a glorious card it is. Both Dj and I have used this card extensively and can tell you that it is absolutely stunning! The smoothness, the speed, the finesse, the power. Everything about this card is absolutely fantastic. The only area where it falls short is in physicality and strength. But for VSA/LvL, that's a far lesser issue. In using this card, I can't recall a single time I've missed a chance with him. His volleys after passes are so beautiful. A real stunner of a card and the prices have come down now where everyone can afford it.

#4 –

– Honestly, this card is a toss up w/ the Retro Messi. He's an absolute beast. Both this card and the Retro Messi are almost as good as the Prime R9, so it's almost as good as you can get. Fantastic card, very very smooth and has the highest stun rating for any card that isn't Prime Pele. Versus Messi, he feels a bit slow maybe and his long shots rating is a bit lower as well, but he makes up for it with greater strength and heading. Would be a fantastic card to pair with Messi.

#5 –

– Ahh, now the controversy shall begin. Never have I seen a card with such great stats get so universally panned by the reviewers. Literally EVERY person I've talked to about this card feels that it's significantly worse than Messi and Immo and most people feel that it's worse than quite a few others. I happen to agree with this assessment. When I played with this card at 101+20, I was simply not impressed. It felt not nearly as smooth as Messi, Immo or Mbappe and the shot delay felt a lot clunkier. But heck, it's free. And it's a Prime Icon, so that counts for something. Although for me personally, no way he cracks my lineup.

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#6 –

– The bargain card that everyone loves. Dj uses this card a lot and I've used it a fair amount as well. It is very similar to UTOTS Immo in some ways but without the high price tag. It scales stats very well and at 110+20 it has the 2nd highest stun rating in the game. I personally would use this guy over Prime Del Piero any day.


#7 –

– I use this card in my current main squad and absolutely love it at 106+20. BUT, it would be nice if the stun rating wasn't as low as it is. I'm definitely thinking I'll need to change to Messi or Immo soon since the stun is lower than most good defenders at this stage. But outside of stun, he's fast, powerful, even has decent aerial game. Love the card, just not sure I would recommend it given the better options available.

Frankly, that's the last card I think that's worth talking about. You have some really good options with those seven, but if that doesn't suit you, I think almost any of the cards on this top 29 list are workable. Unlike CBs, the # of very useful STs is huge. While Messi may be the best one out there, I don't think your team would suffer too much if you used

or normal icons Pele/R9. They are all very good cards overall. And there's some real gems in that list like the POTM Havertz card, which is a total beast (especially at 110+20.. it's one of the cards that climbed the most from the last rankings).

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