EA can learn a lot from other games

(Long post ahead)

I've been reading the recent announcements EA have been making about how everything is "attainable" by trading and blah blah blah. Instead of bashing on them for obviously lying and pretty much giving us the politicaly correct version of a "go fuck yourself" letter, here's some games EA can learn from to make coins more attainable, and allow everyone who isn't a pro, or someone with a fat wallet to make the team they desire.

GTA 5:

Literally the best game when it comes to grinding so you can buy better stuff to enjoy the game. I know there's plenty of money glitches where you can make X amount of dollars, but im just talking about the basics. They introduced jobs, where you can make a decent amount of money and eventually after about a day or two, afford a nice car, or a nice house, or whatever it is. Then, when they introduced more stuff that got more expensive, they introduced heists, where grinding out an objective generates a larger profit for a larger amount of time put into the game. This was one of the best games for grinding and rewards for actually playing the game. EA can match this easily by releasing objectives that have actual value, why in the fuck do we need 3 versions of stadium development objectives??? Would it not make more sense to have an objective launch with promos where the reward is 25k, or 50k, and if it is a grind, than 100k. Simple stuff like that would be such a benefit to the game.

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But let's say they don't do that, let's say they want to use other games as sources, then let's talk about Rainbow Six Seige.

Rainbow Six Seige:

This one is quite simple, just stop making players so god damn expensive. In Rainbow Six Seige, you gain in game currency for playing the game (know as renown) for playing the game, you unlock new characters with different abilities with said in game currency, each character costs 25,000 renown. After a game, you earn about 400-650 renown, with a match lasting anywhere from 7-20 minutes. This means after about a day or two of grinding, you can afford a new character to play with. How can EA implement this into FIFA? SIMPLE! DONT MAKE CARDS 15,000,000 COINS WHEN YOUR REWARDS FOR PLAYING THE GAME ARE ABOUT 70K A WEEK FOR THE AVERAGE PLAYER. I'm not saying make PIM Ronaldo like 200k, im saying if you are gonna stick with these price tags, then make coin generation a little easier for everyone playing the game.

This was just my rant, let me know what you think, and feel free to share any other games that you think EA can learn a thing or two from.


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