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Hey Oblaks,

A big thank you for all the questions, Antwan has done his best to answer as many of these questions as possible:

Personal questions

  • How do you feel working at EA, like is the pressure high since the community asks for leaks and rants every time something bad happens?
    • I have nothing but great things to say about my time working on FIFA Mobile! While the community can be demanding, I know it all comes from a place of genuine passion. Everyone wants the game to be the best it can be. Being a Community Manager means taking the community’s passionate feedback and turning it into impactful actions for the Dev Team. When you see change happen because of community feedback, it’s a win for everyone.
  • Before working for FIFA Mobile, did you ever play any FIFA games?
    • Oh yeah! My first FIFA game was FIFA 2005 on Xbox, and I’ve been playing ever since! Most of my time is spent on either Career Mode, FUT, or regular Seasons. My personal favorite title would probably be FIFA 13 – loved the gameplay at the time!
  • What do you like most in your community manager profession?
    • Mix of two things. One would be making sure that FIFA Mobile news is delivered to the community. The other would be when community feedback is implemented into a future event or feature design. It’s a great feeling when you can bring the voice of the community directly into the game’s design.
  • You’ve written about the possibility on Discord of you streaming, is this a real possibility?
    • It’s something I’d like to do in the future! Having a FIFA Mobile Live Stream would be an awesome way to connect with the community. It would let us share detailed game information in a way that’s easier for everyone to engage with!
  • Do you enjoy being the community manager?
    • Absolutely! Being able to work on a FIFA video game has been nothing short of amazing!
  • What has been your favourite event that you’ve worked on?
    • In terms of format, my favourite FIFA Mobile event was last year’s Weekend Tournament. I really liked building a new squad with the OVR/Chem cap. In terms of rewards, last year’s UCL Finals would be up there too.

Current state questions

  • When can we expect wildcard chemistry cards? Chemistry is already hard to maximize, and as we headed towards the end game in previous seasons we had Joker chemistry in earlier events
    • That’s still something that’s being discussed with the team. We try to use them sparingly as it’s a really powerful bonus, but we also know how highly desired they are.
  • Will we see another F2P Prime this season?
    • We will have to see!
  • Why is autoplay enabled for H2H? It is often stronger than playing against the players themselves
    • We have autoplay enabled because sometimes people play on slower and unstable internet connections. While it may be overpowered in some situations, and I totally understand the frustration that comes with it, we do it to accommodate the internet connection issues that come with a global game. That being said, autoplay and its power level is something we’re aware of.
  • Is it possible to set the launching/ reset time of selected events to different hours? Owing to the way the market works, "quick-selling" has been a common practice to maximise in-game resources. However, daily reset has been 3am in my local time zone in Asia, which makes it almost impossible to maintain a fair share of early-bird premium.
    • Unfortunately I don’t see us changing the reset time in the future. It’s become something the community is so used to at this point.
  • League Matchups was a good addition. Do you think it could be improved by having teams be upgraded to a certain OVR (e.g. 90)? It can be frustrating playing with silvers/bronzes, and what about the possibility of VSA?
    • Glad to hear you enjoy League Matchups! For legal/licensing reasons, we’ve had to use teams from almost all our leagues, which is why we see certain Silver/Bronze teams. Boosting those lineups’ OVRs would be nice to make them more usable, but it’s far down on the list of priorities. Same goes for VSA, it never really materialized.
  • The kit clash issue with the other team, and sometimes the referee, is frustrating when it shows up, are there plans to solve/improve on this moving forward?
    • We’ve been working on improving the kit clashing throughout the season, it’s a work in progress.
  • What are the plans for Beckham TXP moving forward?
    • The plan is to make sure Beckham can stay relevant and up-to-date with his OVR this season, but no confirmed date on when a TXP upgrade may come. I’ll keep everyone posted!
  • Are there any plans of a Beckham position change in the future?
    • No. The position change feature is very low on our priority list, I doubt we see it this season.
  • Would you be open to more collaboration with players/content creators to help make events more interactive and enjoyable?
    • We’ve been interacting with plenty of content creators and players to get feedback and suggestions on events. For example, we’ve included over 50 community-requested players in the Rivalries events.
  • The Summer event’s Fishing received some negative reviews due to the unexpected drop rate, how do you think this compared to envelope type events?
    • Personally I went for the first Fishing Hole, as it was nice to get Lures/Scraps back on almost every try. I think overall it was pretty successful, maybe there’s an opportunity to add in guaranteed rewards after a certain number of tries?
  • How do you feel previous events tuning has been with resources to allow players to progress?
    • I think we’re in a good spot with event tuning, especially when it comes to players. There may be opportunities for added Skill Boosts and Ranks, but overall I feel like we’re on the right track.
  • Do you play every game mode/feature the game has to offer?
    • I certainly try them all out! Like for example, I took my time before jumping into Seasons and I haven’t played as much League Matchups lately. Right now I’m mostly playing events, LvL, and Div Rivals (mostly H2H). My next focus is probably buffing my Weekend Tournament team!
  • What is the criteria for choosing new players for events?
    • Our player selection team usually works with a high-level theme in mind that fits with the event. From there, they work within a number of licensing and position requirements to make sure that there’s a balance of teams, leagues, and countries.

Current state additions

  • Is it possible to make Icons have their right outfit styles just like last season? For instance, last season, Rui Costa had short socks like IRL, but this season he has normal socks which look weird on him. Kaka in his prime at Milan also tucked his shirt in so I would love it to be also in the game. Last season RVN had long sleeves and a tucked-in shirt just like IRL, this season he has a generic untucked short sleeve shirt which doesn’t seem right.
    • Sure, I’ll bring this up with the team and see what we can do.
  • Star Passes in NBA Live and Madden Mobile have different themes and unique card art for those themes, could we see more unique card art in FIFA Mobile?
    • While it wouldn’t be something for this season, I’ll pass it along to the art team as something to consider for next season!
  • Rank transfer costs get prohibitively more expensive, are there plans to reduce this moving forward?
    • We’ve been having discussions about how to better balance the rank transfer costs against the current economy. I don’t have a firm date on when changes would arrive, but the conversations are happening.
  • Division Rivals rewards – both daily and milestones – have lagged behind other rewards in the game, especially Weekend Tournament, could we see an increase of these moving forward?
    • We might be due for another milestone increase, but nothing confirmed at this moment. Daily Goal rewards are unlikely to change at this point.
  • Is it possible to add a training option inside SBCs? So that when I need to train a specific player(s) to reach the required OVR, I do not need to jump to the inventory screen, then train, then press (?) times again to go back to the SBC screen.
    • That’s a nice quality-of-life addition! I’ll bring it up with the team!
  • Will we ever get a “Claim all” option?
    • Possibly next season!
  • What are your thoughts on Position changes? e.g. LW->LM
    • As a console FUT player, I understand how useful they are there. However, if we were to explore it, that would mean having to review the way Skill Boost bonuses work. It’s a bigger discussion than simply adding a “Change Position” token.
  • In previous seasons, we had Domination, Team Heroes, and Scouting among other long term events/plans to work towards, this season we don’t have many events which we can play during the downtime between major programs, or while these are ongoing and we have completed our daily tasks, could we see any of these longer term events/objectives added for something to do in the game?
    • We’ve been working on something that might fit that bill. More info to come!
  • What are your thoughts around substitutions for H2H or seasons matches?
    • I’d love to see it, especially if there was a stamina connection too.
  • Are there plans to allow us to choose our corner/free kick taker/captain?
    • It’s something that’s been on our priority list for a while! I don’t have anything more than that.
  • What about an option to relist a player who has expired, instead of having to Dismiss, and then list them again
    • It would reduce the time required to work the market. Not a negative thing, but it could have big knock-on market effects.

Future state questions

  • What do you think about Draft mode on console, and what do you think about adding this to FIFA Mobile?
    • I don’t play Draft that often on FUT, but it’s a pretty neat concept. It might be something to look at long-term. It wouldn’t be anytime soon though.
  • What do you think about Career mode on console, and what do you think about adding this to FIFA Mobile?
    • Huge FIFA Career Mode fan! I love taking over bottom-table teams and saving them from relegation. I always try to play as realistically as possible too, with sliders and longer halves to make the gameplay more realistic. I think it’d be an awesome addition to FIFA Mobile, but not something we’d see for a long time.
  • Will we ever be able to see older Legacy squads?
    • Probably not, we don’t see it as a top priority.
  • Will 343 Diamond ever make a comeback? What about other new formations from console?
    • Last I checked, there were issues with the chemistry links when it came to 3-4-3 diamond.
  • Are there any plans to make the HUD customisable? e.g. to be able to adjust the size and position of the buttons? It's something that's possible in a lot of other games and it would be appreciated by people like me who have mobility issues.
    • We’re definitely aware of the feedback for it, but it’d most likely be a long-term feature. Great suggestion though!

Hopefully your question got answered, Antwan browses the sub as well so you may see him around, be nice to each other!

Until next time,

The r/FUTMobile mod team


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