El Loco – Recreating Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United in FIFA 21 (Rivals approved D1/2 – will report back after this WL)

Content of the article: "El Loco – Recreating Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United in FIFA 21 (Rivals approved D1/2 – will report back after this WL)"


I'm back with another guide, this time for FIFA 21! Here are all my previous guides:

Also, shoutout to /u/zoomanjo who found success with my Ajax 4231(D1) and is also a hell of a guy and player to boot!

Now that Leeds are in the Premier League, I figured I'd try Bielsa's crazy tactics in this FIFA, especially with manual defending being (a little) more rewarding than last year. There are also benefits to playing a high line and pressing this year assuming you can beat a press decently.

On top of that, Bielsa generally uses tactics that aren't dependent on star players, which is perfect for the first two weeks of FIFA as everyone builds their starter squads. We are all about the system here.


So, what's the point of this formation? In short – it's a formation that essentially covers every area of the pitch.

  • It's designed to build up slowly, so players can move upfield and cover the pitch, then press to win the ball back.

  • We are looking to cover the entirety of the pitch.

  • We are playing a high line.

  • This formation can be run with super cheap players, though pace is pretty necessary (when is it not) for the wingers and fullbacks.

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Formation: 4141

Defense: Press after possession loss 6, 7

Offense: Balanced 6, 4

Your formation in the main menu will look like this:

It will not look like that in-game. We're about to make some funky changes so get ready.


Fullbacks – we want attacking fullbacks who are good on the ball – Balanced, mixed attack

CBs – default

CDM – now it gets interesting. We want a CDM who can play CB, but still has enough passing range and skill on the ball to play CDM. They will be the anchor of your team.

Drop between defenders, aggressive interceptions, cover center, balanced defense

CM1 (your pick) – This is a b2b midfielder who is a bit more defensive oriented.

stay back while attacking, stay edge of box, cover center

CM2 (your pick) – b2b midfielder who is a bit more offensive oriented

get forward, get into box, cover center

ST – A pacey and/or big striker who is good at holding play

balanced width, get in behind

Wingers – Pacey and inverted (salah, mane, mahrez etc)

come back on defense, cut inside, default everything else

GK – sweeper keeper

After we set those instructions, your lineup will now look like this in-game:

See? Every area of the pitch is covered on a potential press and in our offensive build-up. We can fully control the whole pitch.

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Lastly, here's a short video where I explain the formation a little more in-depth and provide some footage of it in action.

Enjoy and happy playing!!


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