Elite 2 WL Recap 3-5-2 (Xbox)


Ter Stegen, FB Hermoso (LCB) – Varane (CCB) – Base Maldini (RCB), FB Sambia (LM) – Base Essien (LCDM) – RTTF Sanches (RCDM) – WI Diatta (RM), WI Thauvin (CAM), IF Neymar (LST), Prime Eto'o (RST). Subs: SIF Depay (Red) , SIF De Jong (Red), IF Atal, Moments Kurzawa, Freeze Marquinhos, Moments Suarez

Formation Tactics

Start in 4-5-1 for chem then switch to 3-5-2 in game.

Player Instructions

  • GK: Come for crosses, Sweeper Keeper
  • CB: Default
  • LM/RM: Come Back On Defense, Stay Wide, Get In Behind, Get In Box For Crosses, Normal Interceptions
  • LCDM: Cut Passing Lanes, Stay Back While Attacking, Cover Center, Normal Interceptions
  • RCDM: Cut Passing Lanes, Balanced Attacking, Cover Center, Normal Interceptions
  • CAM: Stay Forward, Get In The Box For Crosses, Cautious Interceptions, Stick To Position
  • LST: Balanced Width, Mixed Attack, Conservative Interceptions, Basic Defensive Support
  • RST: Drift Wide, Get In Behind, Conservative Interceptions, Basic Defensive Support

** Custom Tactics**

  • Defense: Balanced, 5 Width, 10 Depth
  • Offense: Balanced, 8 Width, 7 Players in Box, 1 Corner/FK


Yea so I hit Elite 2 for the first time. In fact it's only the 3rd time I've ever hit Elite and I'm a FUT Founder. I'm a long time subscriber to this sub and first time poster. I've always loved the 3-5-2 because it's so different and that's just my vibe. That's also why I try to represent Ligue 1 as much as possible in my squad. Hopefully this recap will help other 3-5-2 users and Ligue 1 lovers.

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So this weekend I went 25-5 on Xbox. I play in North America and that put me at #162 in the regional rankings which I never thought would ever be possible. I've been a regular Gold 1 player since FIFA 17 when I started taking ultimate team more seriously. Hit Elite 3 once in FIFA 18 and again a couple months ago in 21. My goal entering every weekend is to hit Elite 3 and I usually fall short with 22 wins. This weekend, however, I went on a tear. Was 16-4 and went 9-1 in my last ten games including a big overtime win against a top #100 player.

Some tips for people trying to make the jump from gold to elite that helped me:

First, be extremely aggressive on defense. Like absolutely hound the ball carrier and try to right stick switch early so that when your opponent receives the pass you're already on him like a heat seeking missile. Conceptually it's about forcing the opponent to react to you as opposed to you reacting to them. I like switching between my CDMs and quickly repositioning them while holding the right bumper to contain the ball carrier with the other one. This allows me to pressure the ball carrier and try to cut off passing lanes with the other one or apply early pressure to the guy the ball carrier passes too. The other thing is high depth high manual pressure often leads to dangerous turnovers and easy counter attacking opportunities so it helps your offensive game too.

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Second, stay composed when you have a finishing opportunity. I used to rush shots and give the goalie easy saves. A lot of people move their keeper to cover the cross post shot. So now I try to look at the keeper before I take a shot. Often the near post is wide open so I just shoot there way more often and it works. And if you don't have a high percentage shot, either try and force a rebound or recycle possession at the top of the box. Almost all of my goals look the exact same. I just try get to my spots.

Finally, get to know your players and formation. A mistake I use to make was constantly switching up my starting squad and tactics. Especially mid game. This weekend league I stayed with this 3-5-2 tactic 100% of the time. And that helped me because I knew where my players were gonna be and what sequences of events would lead to a high percentage chance which is super useful when someone tries to pressure you. The toughest opponents I face are the ones who are able to withstand my pressure by using excellent dribbling and passing. So I try and do the same.

Hope this helps. And happy to talk more about tips, tricks, or specific player reviews from this squad. Oh yea and I'm RTG, always have been. I refuse to spend on fifa points.

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