Ezequiel ‘Chimy’ Avila is the greatest player to ever grace the Ultimate Team pitches

TL;DR: Are you tired of the meta? Me too. Get Chimy Avila.

This year, I bought FIFA late (in January) and started Ultimate Team even later (in late February).

Being a Career Mode simp, my friend had to drag me to FUT by playing co-op with me. Knowing how toxic FUT can be, we decided to lay down some ground rules. We would make it a conventional Road-to-Glory, where only First Owner players could be used in game, and any purchased players had to be put into an SBC. Naturally, that meant our main squad would be decided by our pack luck and SBC acumen. Additionally, I wanted to push away from building a Premier League team.

I also pushed for a twist: the anti-meta rule. We couldn't use any conventionally meta players like Mendy, Varane, Pope, Kante, etc., i.e players whose in game contributions massively outweigh their rating and stats. No 5-3-2, drop back, etc. Any meta players we used had to be players that were effectively 'diamonds in the roughs'. Given how late I started, I knew that every team we faced would be chockful with metas or plastered with icons and outrageous promo cards, or some combination of the two. After the first few days of playing squad battles,in order to build up some semblance of a reasonable squad, we noticed our team was shifting to a weird hybrid of La Liga and Bundesliga players.

One fateful night, unbeknownst to me at the time, I opened up a rewards pack that featured a flurry of seemingly mediocre 78-80 rated players.

In that pack, I found Ezequiel 'Chimy' Avila.

Chimy slotted into our squad right up top, in front of a CF Reinier I was attempting to finish the objectives for. Given the nature of my players, we had decided on a 4-4-1-1 with the CF-ST duo, so Avila also linked with the 82 Cucurella that we had grinded squad battle wins for. I didn't have much thoughts for Chimy either way, other than being slightly more intrigued because of our similar nationalities. If anything, he was just a La Liga striker who got me chemistry while we waited on a "real" La Liga striker.

The squad battles continued, and this is where I began to get an inkling of Chimy's real talent.

Of course, it's often reactionary to put any weight into a player's performance against the AI, especially given that we were just grinding for some objectives. All we needed was goals, the occasional win, and some clean sheets. However, Chimy's addition to the team made an instant impact–at least against the AI–and he bagged himself a handful of neat close range finishes.

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"How nice", I thought to myself, "a good sub for when we upgrade the team".

Fast forward a few days, and I had picked up, through objectives and pack rewards, an ok, albeit relatively slow, La Liga and Bundesliga team. Having had the fortune of packing FUTBirthday Sambia, I had no choice but to start him next to special Fofana (only 78, mind you, I'm not a heathen) and then move him into the midfield for one of Canales or Torreira. Other than that, I also was forced to sub in LB Fortunas, and push Mukiele to RB.

As you can tell, it was a very not great team. Chimy started up top in front of Reinier, Canales and Sambia would make up the midfield, Cucurella (now 86) was the left midfielder, Kubo (75) was the right midfielder, and Mandanda was in goal. It was a unique team, so to speak.

I expected to get ran through in the Division Rivals ranking matches.

I was wrong, sort of. My first game was against your typical French PL meta team, mixed in with some high rated promos, and the toxicity that makes you question your sanity for even putting up with FUT. I was down by two in the first 10 minutes. My hand was forced–my actions were limited to short passes, lots of little lay offs, and absolutely no through passes. It was very purist. I had a good run of plays that were ended by Nick Pope (IF, 84), and heading into half time I was only down 3-0. A bit better than the first 10 minutes suggested. Given my lack of pace, I pushed the wide midfielders into the middle and played with 4 central midfielders. The second half comes, and suddenly Chimy starts to find lots of spaces and consequentially starts to receive the ball tons more. Goal. Right-footed. Goal. Left-footed.

I lost that game 6-2. But Chimy had left me with a glimmer of hope. Maybe he was as good against other players as he was against the AI.

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The next game was almost a carbon copy of the first, Chimy skipping past a few players and providing a nice assist, as well as muscling and out jumping some defenders to put a header in off the post. I almost lost my shit. I finished the next two games with a tie, and managed a win against the last team.

I ranked into division 5, where my friend and I embarked on our first FUT online play….and got battered by about 6 different teams, all with some varying degree of meta and promo combination.

Albeit a bit distraught, it was what we expected. As we got used to how the team 'handled', we began to notice that Chimy was scoring in pretty much every game. Situations where we believed he would lose possession, he managed to wriggle an extremely powerful shot off through a small angle. Chimy's increasing goal count mirrored our increasing optimism and shock. We were playing some good teams!

We played again the next day, and the day after that, managing a few ties. On the third day, we won 5 games in a row. Chimy's litmus test, so to speak, and he passed with flying colors. Throw your Mendys, your Varanes, your Nick Popes, your Kantes, your Icons… Chimy took all comers. As we began to climb up the ladder again, we naturally began to get some better players in packs and SBCs. Having packed Guerreiro and grinded for Otavio in Managerial Masterpiece, we had a left side befit for a Bundesliga striker… and in came FUT Birthday Hwang and normal Haaland.

Surely this was the end of Chimy's reign? You would think that an 84 and 85 (with 95 pace!) striker duo would give us plenty of options up top, and normally, you would be right. But in came Haaland and Hwang, and out went the enjoyment. It just didn't click. Goals were hard to come by. So Chimy went back in, after a few games of a failed experiment. Scored about a billion goals. Since then, it has been smooth sailing.

It is disrespectful to reduce Chimy's contributions to words and statistics. But I'm going to try to anyways. Mr. Dependable. He can do it all. He is 79 rated, only has 82 pace, and is the greatest player to ever grace my FUT squad. He'll play just as well as a lone striker as he will in a duo, can drop back to play as a false 9 and even as an attacking midfielder. The key? His 83 physical stat, as well as his short height.

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That makes him an untouchable, unstoppable, untackle-able monster. He's agile, but not weak. He's strong, but not clumsy. He's small, but not slow. He can finish his dinner, and yours too. He's ambidextrous, has an insanely accurate shot, and jumps like a bat out of hell.

A myriad of very good conventional forwards have begun to enter my squad, and each is completely outperformed by Chimy. Shortly, they go back to my club, awaiting their time to be used in an SBC.

Chimy allows my friend and I to forego the conventional, the meta, the outright pace. Mind you, we are no slouches at the game. We've played together for a few years at this point, so the real life chemistry is there. My friend is comfortably the better player, and in my opinion could reach the pro level if he wanted. I'm good at a few things, so I'm very much the second man in the dynamic. But with Chimy, we can play as an almost entirely rare gold team and become the seemingly lower level squad that can take meta and Icon-stacked teams completely by surprise.

Even as the level of our opponents increases, Chimy responds.

Ezequiel 'Chimy' Avila. The man, the myth, the legend. The captain of "ChimyChurri" FC.


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