FIFA 20 is the most boring, frustrating, broken and unrewarding FIFA ever i think

Am i the only one who, when i win, im not even happy? Im just relieved? Like seriously, i cant remember the last time i played FUT, won a match, and came out of the game genuinely happy instead of just relieved of the stress and anxiety. I stopped playing this fifa about a month ago because of this and its really made me think. Its boring, un fun, and broken. So lets begin….They literally put out a patch for every major aspect of the sport and the game is still broken. Shooting is nothing but drag backs and 5 star weak foot near post goals. Passing is unbelievably broken and inconsistent. World class midfielders cant play 5-10 yard passes. 99% Defending is carried by the AI and if the user does their own defending, they are punished. Tackling is the biggest coin flip. World class defenders clearly tackle against an attacker and then either fall or the ball doesnt lock on to them. Every single game is a 4231 drop back/low depth/fast build down the wing sweat fest. If you’re opponent doesnt know how to defend? Dont worry Team press and the 3 other pressure tactics will have him pressing like Pep Guardiola. You cant even use about half the attackers on this game if they dont have high agility and high balance. For example, Ciro Immobile is one of the best strikers in the world and currently the leaders in goals in the 5 top leagues and you’ve probably come up against any of his special cards no more than 10 times this cycle simply cause he doesnt fit the “meta”. A sports game should never have a meta but because of EA’s terrible game mechanics so many elite strikers cant be used because of their build and dribbling ratings. This FIFA was a complete disaster and EA tried to hide it with nothing but money grab promos every other week. I could go on a completely different rant about the menu content, game modes, SBCs, etc but at the end of the day FIFA is a football game FIRST and a card collecting game 2nd. Its sad we will never get the golden age of FIFA 10-FIFA 15 back

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