FIFA 21 EA Play + Early Access + Demo + Upgrading Consoles + WebApp Megathread

Content of the article: "FIFA 21 EA Play + Early Access + Demo + Upgrading Consoles + WebApp Megathread"

EA Play vs Early Access FAQ's to help people who are still confused about this:

  • FIFA 21 EA Play Release Date: Oct 1st
  • FIFA 21 Early Access Release Date: October 6th

If you are a member of EA Play, you will get a chance to play the FULL Game for 10 hours only.

Yep, there is a timer. If you play it this way and you are taking a break or something, make sure you fully close the app or else the timer will continue to run in the background.

Whatever you do here (fifa points, coins, players) will completely transfer to the full game once it is officially released.

  • FIFA 21 Early Access Release Date: October 6th

If you pre-ordered the Special Editions of the game, you will have access to the full unlocked game (without any timer) starting October 6th.

Same as above, you have the full game, you keep everything as the game is essentially already fully released to you.

  • FIFA 21 Official Release Date: Oct 9th

Release date for all standard editions of FIFA 21

  • FIFA 21 Demo

No official word about this yet, but if it does happen, it has to be this week. Our guess is probably later today or tomorrow morning.

  • Upgrading Consoles

FIFA 21 will have dual entitlement, which means that if you buy the digital copy of FIFA 21 on Xbox One or PS4 and you eventually upgrade to Xbox One X/S or PS5, you will be able to download FIFA 21 for free.

Keep in mind that if you buy a physical copy of FIFA 21 and you upgrade to a console without a disc drive, you will NOT be able to download the game for free. You will only be able to play the game for free if you upgrade to a console with a disc drive.

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Extra FAQ's

  • I'm not a member of EA Play, can I subscribe and then cancel my membership after I use the 10 hours of the trial? Yes, if you are not a member of EA Play, you can become a member for just 1 month, play the 10 hours (or more) and cancel your membership (or else, you will be charged again next month).

  • Will I get all my pre-order packs at once? No, packs are released every week, not all at once, read before you pre-order.

  • When is the FIFA 21 web app released? No info yet, last year, we got the day EA Play started, so if they do the same this year, it will be released on Oct 1st or 1 day before.

  • When is the FIFA 21 companion app released? Unknown

  • Will my players, coins and FIFA Points transfer from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21? Players and Coins will never transfer to a new game. For FIFA Points, you will get a one-time transfer opportunity when opening FIFA 21. You can't do this on the webapp, it can only be done on console.

  • I played 3,000,000 games and got 1 gold pack as my loyalty packs, my friend played 5 games and got 100 mega packs! Rewards have always been random in the past. Doesn't matter how much you played or how old your account is. It's all RNG and this has been the case for years and years.

  • Will the EA Play "Trick" work this year again? Unsure, for the unknown… There's a workaround on basically "extending" your 10 hour EA Play trial on your main account by using a 2nd account and buying EA Access again. You basically keep your main account logged in, logged in on account #2, pay for 1 month of EA Play, switch accounts and that basically starts the 10 hour timer for account #2 but you can continue using account #1. Plenty of YT videos about it in case you guys still have questions. The other workaround, which I believe started 2 years ago? Was closing and re-launching the game until the EA Play logo at the bottom of the screen was NOT visible. If the logo was visible, you are on the 10 hour timer, if the logo was NOT visible, you are not on the timer. These "tricks" have obviously not been tested with FIFA 21 so take them as "maybe" options.

  • Can I move from one console to another console (XB to PS or PS to XB) and keep all my players and coins? No. It is also unclear at this moment if you will be able to make the move from EA Play PC to Steam and keep your things but we are assuming the answer is no. Example, if you play EA Play on PC and then decide to buy the game on Steam.

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If you know of any other questions constantly being asked here, let me know and i'll add them!


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